Rats Claim Slander, Cows Deny Allegations – League Inquiry Insues

JUST SCORE – On the hooves of the press conference given by More_Shots today wherein Shots cited no involvement with the recent beheading of Mauz players, the League opened an official inquiry to investigate the incident.

“We want to foster a spirit of sportsmanship among the teams of the MML, while still encouraging a spirit of maiming, carnage and death”, said a League Official. “It’s a fine balance, but one that we thought – until now – was working.”

Just Score has learned that the Bill COWher Power Hour has turned their legal defense over to Johnnie CochRAM, famous for his winning record against mountains of evidence. When asked about his thoughts on the case, Mr. CochRAM responded, “How many more heads need to roll? It makes no sense, they will side with the defense.”

Not to be deterred Mauz coaching staff, along with the families of the de-headed, have filed a lawsuit citing restitution for their departed. DaltMC, head coach of Mauz, has also cited some obscure League rules, while Shots denies these rules even exist.

“Rules or no, we’ll get to the bottom of this”, said League Officials earlier this morning. “We’re very interested to interview each player involved – including the dead ones.”

“This could go all the way to arbitration, but we hope to handle it in-house,” commented the League General Counsel.

With rumors of possible illegal substance abuse issues among lizardman teams – after two skinks squirted hot for OGH (Orc Growth Hormone) during the off-season – the League will be looking to resolve this issue quickly and quietly.

The MML is in its third season, and tensions are running high after a long break from the pitch between seasons, this could all be a huge misunderstanding or a grotesque crime – only time will tell.

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