Rats missing, CATS suspected.

Fans of Rodentia Ad Nauseam were left reeling last night as it was revealed five of their team have disappeared just hours after it was announced they were to be promoted from the Farm into the MML Challenge league.

Four Linerats, one carrying a debilitating injury, and the team’s Thrower have all vanished without a trace. The team’s coach ntb_99 denies that they have simply been fired, “No, no, definitely missing, not fired. Can you imagine the affect on morale if I’d simply shoved them out of the door in order to earn promotion to a bigger, better, and more lucrative league?”

Star gutter runner Bubba Plague added, “It has to be those CATS. They’re always sniffing around, trying to catch our players off-guard. Five at once, that’s bold, but we’ll have the last laugh… the thrower has rabies!”

First the desecration of rat corpses, then the creation of CATS, followed by a bounty on a Mauz player’s head and now this. Is rampant Rodephobia damaging the MML’s good name? Or is this just a series of personal vendettas and unfortunate incidents?

A CATS spokesman could not be woken for comment.

With a game against the Chaos of Innsmouth imminent, it is thought that journeyman will have to be brought in to make up the numbers, something ntb_99 thinks could be a problem, “They like to keep to themselves. Sometimes you ask them to do something and they refuse, so you ask them again and they just ignore you. It’s disrespectful.”

In other news, Crabs, Rodentia’s Rat Ogre, has denied reports he gave April O’Neil chlamydia, “You’re all read that trashy Lizerotica.”