Ravens in the Pros…Nevermore?

Nevermoor, Naggaroth

What is going on in Nevermoor? Many fans of the Ravens and the M.M.L. have been asking that very question these last few weeks.  Rampant speculation of the Ravens’ future in the M.M.L. has been whispered about  with some unusual occurrences both inside and outside of the organization.

Assistant Head Coach Cromnard Dung has been running the few practices that the Ravens have been actually having in recent weeks. Head Coach Sturmjarl has been outside Naggaroth taking a “working Sabbatical” in Bretonnia, coaching The Lake Ivanhoe Paladins to the final of the Fanatic Feudalism Tournament.  The High Council, Coaching staff nor any players have commented on the status of Coach Sturmjarl within the organization.

Meanwhile, the High Council of Nevermoor failed to register the Ravens in the upcoming fourth season of the M.M.L.  A single spot in the Dungeon West was open most of the previous week, but league officials never heard from the Raven ownership and a spot was not held for them. The High Council and the M.M.L. have not commented on this omission.

The Ravens then won their Week 8 match against  fellow Dark Elf team The Bloodshot Warriors due to concession. The Warriors never arrived in Nevermoor, but neither did any Ravens player. Coach Crom alone claimed the win and all the winnings from the gate.

This week,   the Ravens received a  Bowl invitation to defend their Cup title in the Goblin Gambling Bowl despite having a subpar record in the regular season. M.M.L. officials stated an uneven team bracket situation leading to the surprising bowl bid.

Now,  today on the day of the Ravens bowl game, the High Council of Nevermoor has released a statement declaring that the Goblin Gambling Bowl will be the Ravens’ last match in the Pro league of the M.M.L. No explanation was given by the High Council for this decision.

Confusion and disbelief has hit the Ravens’ fan base with more questions than answers, but most unusual was the surprise appearance at the Raven press conference by the controversial real-estate developer, Archibald Drumph. Drumph had previously been residing in Bretonnia after fleeing Altdorf where alleged charges of financial indiscretions were being levied by the Bank of Altdorf and the Imperial Court.  Drumph had found sanctuary inside Bretonnia borders where he has been currently building Castles and Blood Bowl stadiums all over the kingdom for the Bretonnian nobility. The normally verbose Drumph had little to say to the press after the news conference, saying he was just in Nevermoor negotiating with some unnamed business contacts. Drumph did add that he would be “reemerging soon to the business world with a new venture in my newly adopted home of Bretonnia and all those nay sayers are just losers.”