Really Sea Elves

The drifter looked the stadium then back at the elf.

Well thats a nice one still don’t think Blood Bowl has seen sea elves play before though.  Anyways how about that pint??

The sea elf laughed and pointed to a darkened pub behind them.

You wont find a better place for a pint and even better company to drink them with.

The two walked toward the door.  A crash and yelling could be heard from behind the big brass door.  The drifter reached for the handle but the door swung open and a human went whizzing by there feet.  The drifter looked down and then back to the door.

Take it he had to much to drink?

No he tried to play checkers with captain Elfbossa and lost, the mighty figure said standing in the doorway.  You coming in or you want to go hold his hand???

The drift let out a little laugh trying to not draw attention to himself.  He walked with the sea elf right behind him laughing.  It was a large pub, little bigger then it looked like from outside.  Chairs and tables upright and some scattered around the room.  It full of Humans and Elves but they were no normal humans.  They were all pirates.   Cross and bones flag was on the wall.  Yelling and singing of songs about ships and treasure filed the room.  The elf grab the drifter by the shoulder and pulled him to a table with a mix of the bunch.

Well drifter grab a chair and tell us your story….!

The drift sat down took a deep swig of his pint and started to ramble off his past. Eyes and ears started to look and listen from all over the room and he talked.  Pints came filled to the table and left empty but no one said a word for the drift was talking.

And thats how i came to this place…..  

What…. arrrrr grab him…. no you grab him…. dont tell me what to do elf… listen human if you could stand up a any higher so i can punch you it would save me from bending over…   shut it pointy ear sea breath….. 

The screams and noise filled the room.   Fists started to fly and stomps of skulls could be heard from around the room.   The sea elf grab the drifter and pulled him to the corner….

Well drifter youve gone and made a muck of this place, laughed the elf.

what did i do i just told a story and drank some ale.  

You did but i forgot to tell you.  The last year the island has been a battle of who will play in the stadium, elf or human.  Knowing now that you are a former blood bowl coach of a league makes this dream more real.  For us sea elves we could never get into a league as are high elf kin wouldnt allow it.  With you here now we can get in…. right?   With you all these pirates have more to battle for.  What say you?????

The drift looked around well time to see what you sea elves can do……

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