Recruit A Coach



Being a Blood Bowl 2 coach just got even more rewarding.
Earn BONUS TV*. 

How Does It Work?

  • Register: Use the Recruited By field on the Registration Form to let the MML know who recruited you. When you recruit a fellow coach to the League, simply have them put your email address in the Recruited By field on the Season registration form.
  • Play Together: Meet your recruited friend on the pitch for some Blood Bowl 2 action. Work your way up the rankings and dominate the MML!
  • Earn Rewards: Both the recruit and the recruiter coaches will earn Bonus TV*.



If your recruited coach completes a Season, you will both receive 10 Bonus TV*.

Coaches may receive a maximum of 60TV (10TV per recruit), any recruits in excess of 6 will not award Bonus TV.

*Bonus TV is added to the current League TV Cap for each coach that has Bonus TV. This effectively raises the League TV Cap for that coach, allowing them to carry a larger TV team into a new season. Bonus TV is applied upon registration for subsequent MML Seasons; Bonus TV is not applied in the season that it is earned. Bonus TV is awarded to the coach, not to the team and is permanently retained by that coach.

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