Red Eye Mountain tales (pt.2)

The night was quickly approaching Red Eye Mountain. Grimgor enjoyed this time the most. This would be the perfect opportunity to strike the surrounding armies of the Stunty Dorfs, still realing from their last defeat at the hands of the great Black Orc. But Grimgor restrained from attacking this time. This was very out of character for the Warlord. What was stopping the onslaught from continuing? Did Grimgor have another plan? Was there an ulterior motive?

After spending some time selling the concept of Blood Bowl to Grimgor, Stompa persuaded the Black Orc that this could be a whole new challenge. Something he had not seen or been a part of before. It didn’t take long for Stompa to sell the idea to Grimgor, a subtle amount of reverse psychology and Grimgor was all in.

The next step was to educate and train some of Grimgor boyz. This proved easier than Stompa had thought. It turns out that the Gobbos of the Red Eye clan were familiar with the sport. So it was settled, Stompa trained a team of Orcs and the Gobbo’s would provide Grimgor with a team to train against.

Grimgor grew tired of waiting for Stompa to get the team ready, and as a result went off with his elite mob of Orcs known as ‘Da Immortalz’ to pick a fight with the Skaven clans, and after that, the Dwarves still holding camp on his mountains. Grimgor did not want this new adventure into the world of Blood Bowl to allow any adversaries’ time to muster an assault on Red Eye Mountain. He had to let them know he was still here, and for now, he was going nowhere.

After several weeks of preparing the team Stompa and Grimgor decided the time was right to put this new team to the test. The Orcs had done a good job so far of beating down the Red Eye Gobbo’s but now they needed to take the next step. Now they wanted real competition.

Stompa had already told Grimgor of a place where the finest coaches from around the old world gather and play on a regular basis. This was where Stompa had spent the last few years. This was of course the MML. The Mead & Mayhem league.

Stompa had informed Grimgor well of the going on’s within the MML, who to watch out for, who the big cheese’s were, but most importantly who needed to be taken out first! And so Stompa and Grimgor set off on their travels. The Black Orc had ordered small army to accompany them, just in case the was any ‘fun’ along the way. Gathering up his army, Grimgor set a course north. He was going to attempt to cross the treacherous region where the World Edge Mountains met the Mountains of Mourn. Nobody had ever successfully made the crossing and this became more of a reason for Grimgor to succeed. Once again he conquered the challenge but no sooner did his army make it across the first mountain range than they found a second in their path. Grimgor ordered his army onwards, the weaker Goblins perishing from the cold and snow, dozens more fell to Grimgor’s axe as they tried to flee back the way they came. The rest of the army and team, mainly Orcs by now, marched on fearing Grimgor more than they feared the mountains and winter. A week later the Greenskins had done the impossible. They had crossed the second mountain range and reached the open steppes, North of the World Edge Mountains. They were not far now. The promised land was in sight. Stompa had promised his Blood Bowl stadium to Grimgor, as the Buccaneers would not be needing it for the time being.

Upon arrival Stompa wasted no time in arranging a meeting with the Board Members of the MML to allow his new team to play some practice matches in the ‘Farm’ league. Stompa had spent a lot of time here and knew people well. Permission was soon granted for the Ladz to compete in the Farm and it did not take long for Stompa to find his first opponent. A well-known Khemri coach by the name of Chase would try his luck against this new Orc team. Grimgor was very anxious to see how well Stompa had trained his boyz. Fatigue was still playing a part for the Orcs after their long and dangerous journey to get here. Grimgor cared not, and was going to take no excuses from them. After a long a tiring battle with Chase’s Bretonian team the Knights of a Square Pitch the Orcs managed to get a 1-1 draw. This angered Grimgor, and had it not been for Stompa’s intervention the Red Eye Mountain Ladz could well have all been on the wrong side of Grimgors axe. But Stompa managed to convince the Black Orc that this was not the worse result in the world, considering the state these Orcs were left in from their journey. Grimgor decided to give them 1 more chance to redeem themselves. Stompa requested that the team get some rest before taking the field again. Grimgor reluctantly obliged.

After a few days of rest Stompa arranged a couple more matches for the team. Of which they won both. This pleased the mighty Black Orc who was starting to see the fruits of Stompa labor. After back to back victories Grimgor demanded that Stompa get the Ladz into the Challenge League that Stompa had previously spoke of. Stompa tried to explain that this was not as easy as it seemed as the current league had already begun and was well underway. This angered the Black Orc whose patience was wearing thin having been away from a battle for some time now. Grimgor demanded that Stompa get his team into the league now or he would suffer a worse fate than the poor gobbo’s who didn’t make across the mountain.

Fearing for his life Stompa looked into how he could go about this task. The current season had started. How was he going to get this team in where there was already enough teams competing? Bribes of bacon had failed in the past with the commissioner of the MML, so Stompa knew that was not an option. The only way he would be able to get this team into the league, and save his skin with Grimgor would be if a team was ‘removed’ from the league.

This was going to take some serious thought ………………………………………………………………….


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