Red Eye Mountain tales – The finale

Red Eye Mountain tales – THE FINALE

It was a dark and gloomy evening upon Red Eye Mountain. The Ladz had just finished they league matchup against the cunning Vampire team coached by former Pro champion VpowerV. Stompa was left reeling from another defeat. Left to dwell on what was going wrong, why his team were unable to get a grip on this league. Too many costly errors seemed to be hindering his team’s chances of making a charge on the pro’s. Stompa was growing tired. He didn’t know how much more time and effort he could put into this team without seeing the results he had hoped for. He was wary of Grimgor Ironhides patience with him also. He knew failure would not be tolerated for much longer. This would mean his head being mounted on spike, in the not so distant future. This was a dangerous situation Stompa had gotten himself into. His next move had to count; there was no room for error anymore.

Meanwhile, the High Pass Hellraisers were going strong in the MML Blitz league. After their 2nd win in as many games they found themselves top of their division. Things were looking good for this team. Gangrene Eugene was ripping the opposition apart with 4 casualties and 2 deaths to his name. If only Stompa had come across this Orc Blitzer sooner. What a fine addition to the Red Eye Mountain Ladz he would make. Though Stompa’s league team was struggling, his Blitz team was going from strength to strength. It was looking as though nobody would get in their way. This got the Orc coach thinking. Just how powerful was this toxin that Thrall had conjured up?

Stompa called for Thrall to meet with him in his dorm. “This is an impressive toxin you have created here Thrall, I’ve never seen anything like it”. Thrall arrogantly smirked back at Stompa with a certain look of pride. “Thank your boss, I am glad it meets your approval”. So far the effects have not showed any signs of wearing off, apart from the Ogre, who need a booster shot. Stompa asked a favour of Thrall, but he needed the Shaman to swear to secrecy. This was a desperate time for Stompa, and desperate times call for desperate measures. “how effective would this toxin be on, let’s say, Grimgor Ironhide, for example” asked Stompa. Thrall was in shock. Thrall was an Orc of honour and principles. He respected Grimgor, and was wise enough to fear him too. “I don’t know what you are thinking but I want no part of it Stompa” and Thrall got up to exit Stompas dorm. As he did he was meant with a clubbing blow to the chin. Snapping the Shamans neck in the process. Stompa had some of his boyz dispose of the body. He fed them a lie that Thrall had turned on him.

This left Stompa in lumber somewhat. With Thrall gone, and only a small supply of his toxin left, he needed to think about where to go from here. Though the players on his Hellraiser’s team were still under his command, there was no telling for how long, or if he could keep them under his command. Stompa was hoping he could use the Shamans toxin to help with the Grimgor situation. If he could control him with it then all his problems would go away, and if he couldn’t, he needed enough brutes under his control to deal with the Black Orc. Either way, this was a high risk plan. Stompa needed some time to think alone.

Little did Stompa know that another set of ears had heard his conversation with Thrall, and this sneaky git didn’t like what he had heard. Stompa was losing it, anybody could see that. There was only one thing for it. Little Jack Swagger, the treacherous little goblin of the Red Eye Mountain Ladz decided to take matters into his own hands. Not sure who he could trust he set out to find Grimgor Ironhide. Atop the Worlds Edge mountains was a large Orc shanty village. This was the place to find him when he wasn’t out in battle. Jack was a sly and cunning little Goblin. He knew how to get about these mountains without drawing too much attention to himself.

Meanwhile, back at Red Eye Mountain. Game day was approaching for the Ladz. Next up was a team of violent Ogres. This would prove to be a tough test as his team had never come up against Ogres before. Stompa called a team meeting to discuss tactics ahead of training. Everybody was there except one player, Jack Swagger. The Goblin had gone missing. The Orc coached headed over to Jacks quarters expecting to find him either fast asleep or feeding on Skink burgers as usual. But what he found is not what he wanted to see. A note pinned to his door. The note read “Stompa you ‘ave lost your mind, you is crazy, and if you think you’re gonna get us all killed you can think again. Grimgor will spare me once I bring him the news of your treachery”. ‘AAAAARRRGGGHHH’ screamed Stompa as he booted the door of its hinges. “Where are you ya ‘orrible little git” shouted Stompa. The Goblin was nowhere to be seen. Stompa panicked. He asked everybody in sight when was the last time they saw Jack. One Orc said he saw him a leave the fort a couple of days ago and hadn’t seen him since. A couple of days thought Stompa, he must be nearly there by now, providing he has been eaten along his travels. Stompa had to act fast. If by some miracle Jack had made it to Grimgor unscathed he knew the Black Orc would waste no time in coming for him.

Stompa was in a panic. Fearing this could be the end of him. He confronted his team. He told them Grimgor Ironhide would be here shortly and that he would lay waste to them all. Some of his players questioned him, others did not. This is where Stompa discovered who would remain loyal to him. Those players vowed to go with him. Not willing to risk taking any of the High Pass Hellraisers with him he instead gave them one last order. Kill Grimgor Ironhide. With that being said Stompa and his half a team evacuated Red Eye Mountain. They rode out on wild boars and wolves, and off into the sunset. No idea where they were heading yet, all they knew is they had to get as far away from the Worlds Edge Mountains as possible.

Hours later and an army of Orcs swarmed the fort upon Red Eye Mountain. Grimgor stepped forward at the front of them all “Where is he? He shouted. Referring to the whereabouts of coach Stompa. Ghorth the cruel, a Chaos Dwarf who was still under the mind controlling toxin of Thrall, stepped forward to meet Grimgor. “You will not find Stompa here. And you will not be le………………. ‘SWOOOOSH’ went the mighty axe in the hand of Grimgor Ironhide, and off went the head of the Chaos Dwarf. “Who dares to stand in my way? shouted Grimgor. And without hesitation Grimgors horde of greenskins attacked the Ogre in their path. The Orcs who had not fled sided with Grimgors boyz and helped wipe out the few resisting players. The Orc players wasted no time in pledging their allegiance to the Black Orc. Gangrene Eugene wasted the Skaven players quickly. A few remaining Orcs vowed to serve Grimgor in his quest to find Stompa, but this offer was quickly declined and they too were wasted by the Back Orc. “Find him boyz ordered Grimgor, as his army set out to hunt for the absent Orc coach. You cannot hide from me for long thought Grimgor.

Far away from the Worlds Edge mountains, Stompa and his loyal players came across an abandoned village. Whilst there they discovered a map of the old world. That’s it thought Stompa. That is the place we shall head to. Stompa didn’t know what would happen next. All he knew was he had unfinished business with the MML and they had not seen the last of him.

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  1. You most certainly are missed Stompa! It will be great when you come back to the MML. Hope all is well with you.

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