Red Rolling Defeat

Some looked at this season as a great opportunity for the coach to prove himself.  The Rockers had just come off of an all time high, finally bringing their coach to the Playoffs.  It had only taken the coach 12 seasons to make it to that almighty plateau.  However, it was a very quick, swift and easy victory for his first round opponent.  Many questioned how he had even made it there in the first place.  A few fools thought he would be sure to make it there again.  Afterall, who could bet against the dwarfs?

The coach entered the season with high hopes of matching his previous record.  Proving that he was finally starting to get to grips with this hellish chess game of tactics, but who could have seen what the season would bring for him?

The opener was to be an even match against the despicable necromantic horrors.  But alas, it was not to be.  The necro fools drifted to a very easy prompt victory in the opening game of the season. Coach MrRubberBullets showing that the previous season was higher than the Dwarfs deserved to go.

Well, things can only go up the coach thought.  His next opponent was the Champions of the previous season, surely this would be the time where he could finally beat him.  Coach Shakeydog and his mutated freaks of the Denizens of the Underworld.  The fans were delighted at the showing, especially when Coach Dio stole a draw from the team playing better, proving that sometimes luck can outweigh skill on the field.  He even did the unthinkable.  After an error in tactics, Dio had his Runner retreat into his own end zone.  It was a despicably cowardly tactic, all the dwarf fans (few as they are) condemned the coach for the cowardice.  But, the plan almost worked, a hand off into coverage, followed by a ridiculous pass and long bomb.  The crowd were LOVING it.  But, then it happened.  The Blitzer tripped before he could score, and the crowd surged onto the pitch to show him their dissatisfaction.  Those dwarf fans for after seeing a ridiculous pass, actually thought they were going to see a victory!  They were not.

After an elation of such a close fought game with the best in the league, Coach Dio and his Dwarfs had some rats to play.  Never having played such a vile coach, Dio was not prepared for the brutality of the game.  He felt lucky to walk off the field at the end without needing 13 fresh coffins.  The loss was guaranteed from almost the first moment of the game.

Well, the season was not going well, there was no doubt about that.  But, up next he had the wonderful Dragoon and his Amazonian ladies.  Many expected a clear and easy victory for the dwarfs, but Dragoon did such a brilliant job that there was never any doubt about the result.

So far, without victory, losing almost every game.  He was matched against those tricksy things, Kislev jumpers.  Such awkward things to deal with, and they proved exactly why by storming into a clear victory with ease.  Coach Tony barely even noticed there was an opponent on the pitch.

Then the next game was against that bogey coach, one that he could never seem to do anything against, regardless of the odds.  The Big Bad Boogey Ogre of the league.  Thunden himself.  It was a very close fought thing, but some ridiculous direction at the close of the game by coach Dio guaranteed the result.  When asked what happened after the game, there was no answer he could give that would satisfy either his fan or his team.  To say they were disappointed was an understatement.

The final game.  Could coach Dio redeem himself, and save the team from relegation, or would he seal the deal.  A victory would give him the best odds, a draw may help, but a loss guaranteed his fate.  Playing a fantastic coach with the filthy wood elves Xurpils.  After failing to score in the first half, Coach Dio was in trouble.  He was going to have to play safe, and get the draw, he could not afford another loss.  And the second half was going so smoothly, he was holding the playoff bound wood elves to a close game, until he shouted back to the crowd.  His Dwarfs took the gestures wrongly, and left a glaring hole in their defence.  Well, the brilliant Wood Elf coach couldn’t leave such an opening alone for long.  And neither he did, gloriously pouncing to guarantee his own victory.

Well, coach Dionysis finished his season.  He had not achieved even a single victory.  He proved to everyone that he was not suitable for the upper echelons of the league, and the Rockers agreed with this.  They decided that they could do much better than that useless idiot, and fired him.  But, they couldn’t leave him completely out in the lurch.  They let him know of some Rookies coming from their homeland that he could look for.

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