Regular-Season Single-Game Team Records (through S6)

They say the best things come to those who wait…and you guys have patiently waited all season for your records. So now that the S6 regular season is complete, I’m going to do more than just post the updated table. Below, you’ll find some added information, Iron or Plywood predictions results, gifts from Fnords, and color commentary. Enjoy!

On MML ProTalk Episode 16 [S5 Ep 04], doneagle_ and I made predictions for each standing record as to whether it would be broken by the conclusion of S6. The segment was called Iron or Plywood.

Addressing the ball possession records, we both thought they were all Iron. We were right as to 2 of the 3:

Highest Ball Possession Percentage 93% Wrecking kru Caven08 at Mauz S3 Wk6
Highest Percentage Occupation of Own Half 56% Itschodaddy Its_cho_daddy at Rookie Mistakes S1 Wk3
Thee Grandiose Gladiators TigerShark4NU at Bill COWher Power Hour S2 Wk3
Da Orcs of Rome eddyeddy202 vs. The Cold Hard Truth S2 Wk4
Merthyr Shock’n’Ore shakytumbleweed at The Blitzkriegers S5 Wk1
Highest Percentage Occupation of Opponent’s Half 81% Gingerbread Boys jhall1107 at Disco Divas S6 W6

Congratulations, jhall1107! Way to make your mark in the Pros right away! And to celebrate the accomplishment, Fnords has made you a special graphic!

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a prolific MML coach, well respected for his tactics and wit. He was a founding MML member, credited with bringing broadcast announcing to the MML. It all came to a swift end for him, however, the day his Royal Rat Authority met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Lizards on the Blood Bowl pitch in Week 2 of Season 3. The rats turned the ball over on a failed GFI in T11, and a young star in the making named Ornithop0wna trotted into the skaven end zone 5 turns later to seal the TMNL win. The veteran coach was devastated. He promptly left the MML, citing personal reasons, while his opponent enjoyed a quick rise to fame, even taking over the lion’s share of the MML announcing. After a while, people couldn’t even remember the skaven coach’s name. After a while, people started crediting Serious Jest with bringing broadcast announcing to the MML. In hushed circles of long-time MML veterans, some coaches whisper that Serious Jest took that coach’s mojo during that fateful match…like cutting the coach’s face off, showing up to his house wearing it, assuming the head of his household, and living happily ever after. Others wistfully remember the whole situation as a comedy, like the MML version of Trading Places. But one thing no can ever deny: he may have had his confidence taken; he may have had his love for Blood Bowl sucked out from his heart…but they never took his record for most completions, which still stands from S1. Welcome back, MGiteau12! Both Don and I were right that this record is Iron.

Most Passes 9 Fresh Princes MGiteau12 at Seathiel Treehawks S1 Wk3

In the MML’s very first week of its very first season, Sacerdotalist’s Seathiel Seahawks intercepted a pass from Tigershark4NU’s Thee Grandiose Gladiators. Since that moment, there have been 48 more interceptions in regular-season Pro history. Week in and week out, teams would catch an interception during a Pro match…sometimes as many as 5 in a week! But, week in and week out, no team caught 2 interceptions in the same match…and the list of teams that shared the interception record kept growing…many teams were on there multiple times! The long list dwarfed all other records…overshadowed them, even. Every week Serious Jest would gripe about the interceptions record. He threatened, pleaded, and even tried to bribe coaches not to catch anymore interceptions unless they were ready to catch 2 in the same match. The interception record was his very own Telltale Heart, monotonously beating, mercilessly thumping in the background of the MML. The less he tried to think about it, the more it bothered him…mocked him, even, every time he tried to open his spreadsheet to update the MML’s team records. But then, one wonderful day, in Week 7 of S6, a brilliant coach and his team of dexterous dark elves took to the pitch against another dark elf team of pass-happy gunslingers…the cloud hanging over the MML finally parted…the curse was broken! You were right, Don, and I have never been so happy to be wrong: the INT record was plywood. And Gerdleah, my knight in shining black and purple leather armour, you get this Fnords original. It’s party time, and you’re the guest of honor!

Most Successful Interceptions 2 Witch’s Coven Gerdleah vs. The Blitzkriegers S6 Wk7

Both Don and I were wrong when we declared that the blocking record was Plywood. Bortbot18 may have taken a hiatus from the MML, but his record lives on.

Most Blocks Succeeded 86 Norse Leap til Brooklyn bortbot18 at Repulsive Ratlings S5 Wk1

Don and I stood behind the KO record, calling it Iron. Many coaches tried to prove us wrong. 2 coaches even tied it. But our prediction was Iron.

Most KOs Inflicted 9 Mauz DaltMc vs. The Dark Oak Deerskins S2 Wk4
Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Norse Leap til Brooklyn S4 Wk4
Necro Feel-Ya hezekiah87 vs. Stop Rolling Ones!!! S6 Wk5
Solus savers CHASEJJ at Thee Grandiose Gladiators S6 Wk5

Conversely, Don and I called the injury record Plywood, but it wasn’t even tied again after that podcast episode.

Most Injuries Inflicted 7 Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Norse Leap til Brooklyn S4 Wk4
Los Pumas discodavo vs. Leaf Dancers S5 Wk3

Don was right again about the kill record being Iron, and I was wrong to doubt him. I guess I just believed too much in my league-mates’ bloodlust. You really let me down, guys.

Most Kills Inflicted 3 Da Orcs of Rome eddyeddy202 vs. Skuttle Butts S2 Wk6
New Orcland Grunts preach_mj at The Kentucky Bourbons S4 Wk4
Wrecking kru Caven08 vs. Just Norsin’ Around S5 Wk5
Dignity Sestonn vs. Snitchburg PieRats S5 Wk6
Granite City Grimbeards Just_Stevie13 at Harrelsons S6 Wk4

Don joined me again in my erroneous ways by agreeing with me that both the rushing and passing records were Plywood. In our defense, it seemed like they were getting broken every week! But then Dignity and Nuffle’s Holy Rollers left the Pros, and Conor McGregor suffered a career-ending injury, and the magic just kind of dried up.

Most Yards Running 218 Los Pumas discodavo at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S5 Wk5
Most Yards Passing 122 Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3

Don went back on his own again and predicted that the TD record would stand. Again, he was right and I was wrong. The record was Iron, and hasn’t even been tied again since that podcast episode.

Most TDs 6 Rodentia Ad Nauseam ntb_99 at Da Green Fist S4 Wk7
Dignity Sestonn vs. Nuffle’s Holy Rollers S5 Wk3
White Owlz The_Stu176 vs. The Blitzkriegers S5 Wk4

Don and I were both right that the armour breaks record was Plywood, although it took until Week 6 of this Season to break it. Well done, Shots!

Most Armour Breaks 30 Bill COWher Power Hour More_Shots at Rodentia Ad Nauseam S6 Wk6

With well-known foulers like Chase, Hairy, and our League Commissioner lurking around the Pros, Don and I were sure that the expulsion record was Plywood, but it held up as Iron, despite Sacerdotalist trying his darndest to show that he is the dirtiest coach of them all. Ironically, Chase is the only coach out of that group that hasn’t tied the expulsion record twice!

Most Players Expelled 3 New Orcland Grunts preach_mj at Mauz S2 Wk6
Thugz of Weldrake Hairy_Warthog at White Owlz S3 Wk6
Solus savers CHASEJJ at Leaping Lizard S4 Wk4
Thugz of Weldrake Hairy_Warthog at Leaf Dancers S5 Wk5
New Orcland Grunts preach_mj vs. Dignity S5 Wk5
Princes of Arioch Sacerdotalist vs. Skuttle Butts S6 Wk1
Princes of Arioch Sacerdotalist vs. New Orcland Grunts S6 Wk3

So, to recap, Don was right about 8 of his 14 Iron or Plywood predictions, while I successfully predicted a mere 5 of the 14. Good job, Don; well played!

Caven08 holds or shares records in 4 different categories. Another reason why the Wrecking kru is legen-wait-for-it-dary!

Alright, kids! See you soon for the S6 Individual Awards, followed by the Postseason Single-Game Team Records!


  1. Most Armour Breaks were broken by thunden, I believe (32?). Oh wait, later that night Preach hat 33(?) against the Butts?

  2. Errr… I think there’s a real lack of thanks for the assistant coach who made the int record possible to beat. Justice for Gaesmal! Great work as always for the rest of course!!!

  3. Haha just razzing you, Lou. It’s all good. But I will be publishing postseason team stats, as well, so there will be mention of the fleeting postseason armour breaks record.

    And I totally appreciate Gaesmal for making this happen, Didi! Did we get his side of the story about it yet?

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