Regular-Season Single-Game Team Records (through S8) – Challenge League

Ok folks its time for the Challenge League single-game team records.

DISCLAIMER. These stats have been compiled from season 4 onwards, when the challenge league 1st had a 32 team format.  They do include some pro coaches who were asked to help fill up the league with a 2nd team. Hopefully this is accurate but if anyone spots any errors please let me know.  Dionysiuz, who compiled the stats for season 6 and 7, is going to send me his spreadsheets so I can double-check these.  As the challenge league stats have never been compiled prior to season 6, some new names will also appear on the list. I’ve also included all those teams previously omitted if they only tied the record. Also I’m only putting the season that the game took place in. It would take me too long to find (if possible) the week some stats were made. All in all, an error from me is likely.

Anyway, here are the stats!

Record Stat Team Coach When
Highest Ball Possession Percentage 87% Slaan Seers Josiah_Frost S4
Horror Lix The_Stu176 S5
Ffostrasol itsa11ogre0 S7
Hades’ Angles robowhale S7
Hashut’s Hellhammers Sacerdotalist S8
Highest Percentage Occupation of Own Half 62% Orang3 Ag3nts Orang3Ag3nt770 S7
Highest Percentage Occupation of Opponent’s Half 68% Slaan Seers Josiah_Frost S4
Tekkenslovakia chazdavidson S5
Praag no5 Team qwert0258 S6
Carrion Savants Dymntd S7
Most Passes 7 Disco Divas Balwen2013 S8
Most Successful Interceptions 2 SepticWhirlwindHolocaust ScramLyche S5
Most Blocks Succeeded 85 Hobnail Boots sutster007 S6
Most KOs Inflicted 13 Karag Dron Krushers Midway_Moster01 S5
Most Injuries Inflicted 9 Ref Justice Bernie Buffon S6
Most Kills Inflicted 3 Sensitivity Training Seriousjest S4
Ref Justice Bernie Buffon S6
Hogwartz itsa11ogre0 S8
Most Yards Running 166 Wish We Were Bruta ReznorRulesYou S5
Most Yards Passing 84 preach_mj The Apostles S5
Most TDs 5 Disco Divas Balwen2013 S5
Most Armour Breaks 38 Praag No5 Team qwert0258 S6
Most Players Expelled 3 Ffostrasol itsa11ogre0 S7

So for season 8 we have 3 new stats broken or matched. First up Sacerdotalist and the Hashut’s Hellhammers achieved 87% ball possession this season in their game with Thee Grandiose Gladiators. Well done Sacer! Looking at his games this season, he likes to hog that ball.

Next up Balwen2013 and Disco Divas made it into these stats for the 2nd time (most TDs scored) with most passes of 7 in the high elf-off with Just Coconut Farmers. Previously the record was only 5. Hmmm another all high elf game that sets a passing record (#tainted?). Congratulations Balwen on this achievement!

Finally itsa11ogre0 makes it on the list for the 2nd time, but with a different team. Hogwartz managed to kill 3 players in their game with Order of the Holy Squirrel in the 1st week of the season. Hogwartz also topped most kills for the challenge league last season. A team to be very wary of! Good job itsa11ogre0!!!

Season 8 individual awards for the pro and challenge league are next up.


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