Regular Season Single-Game Team Records (through season 12) – Challenge League

The Challenge League had another great season, which gathered some more interest with the return of some classic teams. The final is coming on Saturday with one of those teams, the Bill COWher Power Hour facing off against the Earthshacker Cannons. There will be blood and excitement in this game.

Lets take a look at the records to see if any of these teams managed to get onto the record board.

Record Stat Team Coach When
Highest Ball Possession Percentage 87% Slaan Seers Josiah_Frost S4
Horror Lix The_Stu176 S5
Ffostrasol itsa11ogre0 S7
Hades’ Angles robowhale S7
Hashut’s Hellhammers Sacerdotalist S8
Go Dawg’s Geezers GoDawgsSicEm66 S9
Dino rock Berzo1985 S11
Highest Percentage Occupation of Own Half 62% Orang3 Ag3nts Orang3Ag3nt770 S7
Highest Percentage Occupation of Opponent’s Half 75% Darkside Diddlers Umphreysmagoo S9
Bull Raiderz The_Stu176 S9
Dio’s Midgets DionysisA18 S11
Most Passes 10 Bill COWher Power Hour More_Shots S12
Most Successful Interceptions 2 SepticWhirlwindHolocaust ScramLyche S5
Krassen cults shakeydog23 S12
Most Blocks Succeeded 85 Hobnail Boots sutster007 S6
Most KOs Inflicted 13 Karag Dron Krushers Midway_Moster01 S5
Most Injuries Inflicted 9 Ref Justice Bernie Buffon S6
Most Kills Inflicted 3 Sensitivity Training Seriousjest S4
Ref Justice Bernie Buffon S6
Hogwartz itsa11ogre0 S8
Dino rock Berzo1985 S11
The Warped Minds Fnords S11
Most Yards Running 218 Crookback Roughnecks Robowhale S9
Most Yards Passing 84 preach_mj The Apostles S5
Most TDs 6 Archandroids S-c-wyatt S11
Most Armour Breaks 38 Praag No5 Team qwert0258 S6
Most Players Expelled 3 Ffostrasol itsa11ogre0 S7
Merthyr Shock’n’Ore Shakytumbleweed S9
Tzeentchs Fateweavers dungeonastr007 S9
Blackiron Swampdonkeys CamoCritter6669 S11
Run It JRyda275 S12

Who would have thought it? A chaos team comes back into the league and claims the all time passing record not just in the Challenge League, it also surpasses the record in the Pro League too. The Bill COWher Power Hour, coached by More_Shots managed an incredible 10 passes in their game with Run IT. What an achievement and one that will be hard to top. This smashed the previous record in the CL of 7 completed passed which was previously held by Disco Divas and Archandroids.

More Chaos. Really? Ok the facts have been verified and Krassen Cults coached by shakeydog23 tied the record of most interceptions in a game, with 2 in a single game. Clearly the Chaos teams have been up to something before the season, getting in extra training or more mutations.

Our final new entry into the record books was Run It coached by JRyda275. This feisty Amazonian team managed to get 3 of their players sent off in a game against Better Off. If this team returns in season 13, their opponents should watch out and not lie about of the flood too much.

So there we have it. The regular season records are complete for another season. I will be back with the final article in the series next week, the post season individual game records.

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