Reptile Dysfunction Coach releases statement of support for Power Hour

Hezekiah87, head coach of The Reptile Dysfunction released the following statement from his team headquarters, The Skink Tank.

“ We support the Bill COWer Power Hour in their quest to bring heads to Coach Whisky-Tornado.  It’s no Surprise the rats are riled up over this.  They don’t even play Blood Bowl properly. They have always focused more on scoring than they do on casualties, which is an insult to our great game. I mean it says “Blood” right there in the name. Coach DaltMC claimed they could not dispose of the headless corpses properly. Well he can send them over to the skink tank, our Apothocary has an excellent Rat Drop Soup recipe, we can make use of them for sure.”

What does this mean for the two Noble South Conference Teams?  They are scheduled to face off in week 3 and now with a little bit of drama and bad blood it could shape up to be the game of the season.  Check back for more updates as this story continues to develop.