Retirement Doesn’t Equal Complacency

GRUNT NATION – Last week, Preach announced his retirement as head coach of the New Orcland Grunts following a ruined attempt at a game against MML rivalry and top seeded team the Skuttle Butts. Preach threw in the towel after the game, and stated that he would finish the season, but that his coach days where behind him – affording him the luxury of concentrating on the League full-time and exploring the eccentricities of a semi-professional Bejeweled career.

“I’ve received quite a bit of support since my announcement,” said Preach. “I was truly touched by the compassion and thoughtfulness of my fellow coaches. As sad as it is, I never felt closer to the game than after I resigned…hearing from so many coaches, listening to their words of wisdom and encouragement…and support…it was touching. It’s what keeps me going!”

That wasn’t the only big news that day. Following directly after, Preach announced that the New Orcland Grunts would be sold to the The Green Tide Tyros during the off-season.

“We wanted to ensure that the entire team stayed intact,” commented Preach, “at least as much as possible. Thunden will do great with our boys, I’m excited to see what he can do with them!”

Preach received a one-year contract extension at the end of Season 2, and posted a record that many would be envious of in Season 3. The Grunts tied the Season 2 Champions and have been above .500 all season. Currently they sit in second place in the Dungeon West and have not only a shot at a bowl game for the first time in Grunt history, but also a long shot to make the playoffs.

“We’ve got some games left,” smirked Preach. “I’m not done yet…we’ve still work to do.”

Preach will field the Grunts against their fellow orc brethren the Pork Attack later tonight.

“It’s not a must win game,” laughed Preach, “but it is a must not loose game. We’re playing for pride now. The Grunt Nation will be in attendance. Regardless of the result, the boys are ready to play.”

“The pressure is off. Looking forward to my retirement has given me a new prospective on coaching these last few games. The lads are also a bit more relaxed. We’re just going to go out there and have some fun. Our season isn’t over, but we’re done counting stats in columns. ‘The Grunt Nation was here’, that’s what we want our opponents to remember. We’ll give our best, and nuffle can sort em out.”