Return of #HighlightThat

Greetings coaches!

After a break of roughly three seasons the #HighlightThat reel is returning! However, there are two major changes so please work with me to ensure a smooth transition into the new format.

  1. Coaches will be providing the highlights.
  2. Clips will no longer be ranked, all clips submitted will be added to the reel.

In the past I gathered the video clips from various sources (mostly Twitch) in order to create the reel. Now, this will be the responsibility of the submitter. I won’t leave you completely high and dry though: here is a link to an article on how to use the built-in video capture on the PS4 –

This method exports a 15 minute block of video to a USB stick which you can then upload to a computer. This will need to be trimmed to include only the #HighlightThat moment. This can be accomplished using any video editing software. Several good ones can be found in this article –

I am unable to give directions on how to use each, but I personally use Lightworks. It takes a bit of learning but its a powerful program once you have a bit of understanding. Its also well documented and includes a forum where you can ask questions.

Another option is TwitchLeecher.

I really like this program and its the main software I would use to capture clips for past reels. You enter the name of the person who twitched the game, find the video, and can even put a start/stop time for the download. This completely cuts out the need for editing the clip after the download, but it does require you to find the correct start/stop times in the stream.

Once you have the clip, you can either send it to me (stuffnjunk84) via DM on Discord or share it to me via a Google Drive link (you will still need to notify me on Discord). This article shows how to share a file on Google Drive –

Please provide the following information with your clip:

CL or Pro

Week of competition

Teams Playing

Clip Title (Funny titles work best but I’ll take what I can get)

As always if there are any suggestions please let me know on Discord. I look forward to working with everyone to have an excellent S14 full of #HighlightThat moments!

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