Return of the Rock!

There was an eerie mist rolling over the long uncut grass at the Dino rock training ground. The place was looking tatty and unkept; banners and posters hanging off, windows broken, and smashed up training gear all over.

Coach Berzo was sat in the lonely office looking into the bottom of another empty bottle of vodka, contemplating life and what to do with himself. It had hit him and the team very hard missing out on s10 and neither coach or team had done any training since the last playoff game. Berzo hadn’t even seen the team since then.

Staring out of the window a solitary figure emerged from the mist. A small looking guy, with a young clean looking apperance. He looked so familiar to Berzo, but he just couldnt put a finger on it. As the figure got closer coach Berzo knew he was just seeing things as the figure turned out to be that of the late Rhino.
Berzo slumped back into his chair and cracked opened another bottle but at that moment the door to his office flung open and there stood the figure he saw outside.

Berzo froze as the figure closed the door behind him and started to speak in a very high pitched voice, “Pull yourself together Berzo! This isn’t what my dad would of wanted at all from you, or the team.” It’s was the Son of Rhino…….

“I’m not going to let you destroy and give up on all you have done and im not gonna let the death of my dad mean nothing. Now put that drink down and sort yourself out, as you’re a disgrace.”

Shocked and still drunk Berzo didnt know how to reply and sunk further into his chair.

“Get up,” said Son of rhino. I have something to show you.

He helped Berzo up and lead him downstairs along the dark cobweb filled corridors and up to the huge double doors that lead to the gym. Son of Rhino flung them open and there stood to attention were The Dino Rock team in all their glory. The huge booming voice of t-rex immediately cheered and rallied the team up to follow suit in applause in Berzo’s presence, who was extremely taken back by it all. A solitary tear rolled down his cheek, onto the floor below.

We have some news boomed t-rex at the top of his voice…. “Were Back!!!”

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