Ring my Bell(Keeper) (Bretts)

So, here we are, still no closer to home and now in the big league thinks Eilivaror, well if its a game they want, He signals the team to readiness, the ball is kicked and with a nod of his head its game on….. and a Knight is off, Fluffy crashing into the line whilst the ball is in the air, downing a Knight who seems stunned by the ferocity of the assault, he doesn’t get much time to consider his position as she drops on him, knocking him cold. The ball comes down into the arms of a waiting Knight in the back field as for just a moment everything seems to stand still, then the Knights spring to life pushing the line of Norse back away from Fluffy’s prone form, in runs a peasant and stamps on her, the attack stunning her, the Ref blows his whistle, money changes hands and play continues, right, now we know how its done in the big league Eilivaror re-evaluates his strategies… and slams another Knight to the ground, he carried from the pitch and the Apothecary is called over. The Knights move more cautiously now, forming a strong cage around the ball carrier just inside their half, no engaging the crazed Norse milling around in front of them, outnumbering them. A peasant moves out of position and Jarl pounces slamming him into the pitch and injuring him, then following up to mark the ball carrier, a Howler following close behind, a blocker on the floor gets stamped on but stays on the pitch and Fluffy stays on the ground whimpering quietly.
The ball carrying Knight head-butts Jarl dropping him to the floor stunned, the rest of the Norse crowd in not allowing the Knights mobility to be used and relying on strength of numbers rather than skill or planning to prevail, the ball carrier is too close to Fluffy who gets up and hammers him, the ball is spilled and he’s carried off injured, the Norse surround the ball and again the prone blocker is (accidentally ) stepped on, again no damage caused, the Knights look over to the Ref but he appears to be busy negotiating a large McThunden Burger with his ill gotten gains. A Knight, clearly the underdog lashes out at Fluffy and pushes her back, the Knights disengage…… “Look out lads” Eilivaror warning shout is lost as a huge fireball plummets from the sky and flattens several players, 3 players are face down stunned, and a Howler is Knocked clean out!! Luckily the Knights are in no position to advance, Fluffy regaining her composure, as much as 8 feet of fur, muscle and teeth can be composed and hits a Knight once, twice, onto the ball which scatters, Sturla then tries to hit him, it looks for a moment that Sturla has over exerted himself but he recovers and again the Knight is pushed onto the ball which bounces away. The Knight battling with Fluffy hits her again, forcing her back, a peasant encouraged by this turns on Jarl only to be flattened, Jarl is now enraged by the attack, slams into a Blocker pushing him into Fluffy who again steps on the ball scattering it once more, he hits him a second time onto the ball and stuns him, the ball again bounces around not getting caught….The remaining Howler gets up and hits an opponent twice in rapid succession, pushing him away from the ball. Eilivaror gets blindsided by a peasant and dropped to the pitch. The fearless Knight again hits Fluffy, he not daunted by her size at all, she’s down and once again ( see the pattern here???) the ball is scattered, its now in the open, a blocker sees his chance and dodges away from the Howler marking him, unfortunately the slippery ball slips through his sweaty hands, seeing the danger the Norse respond by knocking over a peasant and the Howler chases down the blocker downing him. The howler seeing his chance for glory steps forward to scoop up the ball, what he doesn’t see is the outstretched leg of an opponent and down he goes. A Knight hammers the Norse thrower who is carried from the pitch, the Apoth is again called in and works his magic, he off to the reserves box, however the ball is in the open and the Knights have a guy downfield waiting for the pass…… which never arrives, the Norse learn quickly and in a copycat action a leg is stuck out and a dodging Knight is tripped. The agile Norse runner however eludes his marker, snatches the ball and runs to a team mate handing it over and urging him to run, which he does ending up just short of the TD line. Jarl hits a blocker and stuns him and Fluffy marks a downed Knight who gets up ignores her and thunders down pitch after the lineman with the ball, in his haste he overextends and crashes o the ground at the players feet. The Norse can score!! however before the ball crosses the line they remainder of the team surround the prone blocker and he gets a good stomping, only stunning him and the ball goes over the line, it 1-0 at halftime and both teams fall back to lick their wounds and take stock before the second half. The Norse Howler who was KO’ed comes back and they are at full strength, the Knights get a couple back, but the 2 in the injured box are not returning.

The ball is kicked deep and again Fluffy floors a peasant, the ball is collected in the back field and the peasant is knocked out by a well placed boot knocks him out before he can get to his feet, the Knights decide that getting into a street fight is not in their best interests and form up in front of the Norse, a Knight darts forward hitting a lineman and stunning him before retreating. Fluffy showing her usual level of restraint thunders forward and knocks down and out a peasant, the ball carrier moves forward with the rest of the team in her wake, stamping on a peasant on the way (again) The hit & run tactic is applied again and this time Jarl is pushed back but stays on his feet, the knight stumbles as he dodges away but regains his feet and skips away, a Howler this time hits a blocker leaving him prone, he’s then fouled ( I know, I Know) as the Norse again reposition. Jarl is dropped by another blocker and lays stunned on the turf. The Howler twins decide that its time and rush down to mark the outnumbered Knights, calling Fluffy into action, she responds…….by standing there howling to the sky, the Howlers are now isolated & vulnerable, the rest of the team consolidate their position, fouling a peasant as they do.. The price is paid as one Howler is KO’ed by the Knights. Fluffy regains her composure blitzing a blocker and dropping him to the ground, jumping on him to stun him, Sturla is attacked and injured by a Knight who is heard to mutter ” she sends her regards” as he walks away, it looks bad, very bad, and the Apoth has been busy elsewhere (rather convenient that!!) Bert, is prone and fouled by a peasant, however the Ref has finished him McThunden burger and spots the infringement sending the grateful peasant off…

The Howler hits a blocker knocking him over and Fluffy hits him again, and again opening a space for the ball carrier (remember him??) to run into. Jarl pushes a Knight towards the waiting Howler. The Knights who are in a bad position respond with aggression punching Fluffy to the floor, another darts in and hits the ball carrier, but its only a push, a knight frustrated by the situation stamps on poor Fluffy. Bert seeing this is enraged and injures a Blitzer, the knight marking the ball carrier is pushed away, the Howler downs a blocker, Fluffy stands up and a lineman fouls a blocker stunning him. Yet again a Knight drops Fluffy and another fouls her, stunning her again. Bert is enraged!! he injures another Blitzer as Jarl fouls and knocks out a blocker, as an afterthought the Norse thrower scores for 2-0

Its the dying seconds of the match as the depleted Knights face a strong Norse line who outnumber then two to one. The ball is kicked for a final time and the Norse reposition whilst its in the air, a knight floors Fluffy (yet again) the line is pushed back and the final act of the game sees a Knight stamp on Fluffy’s prone form…….

First game actually played, managed to get a result, played in the opponents stadium who has the free bribe upgrade…..”quite like that one” thinks Eilivaror, as he goes over to the medical facility, there he finds Sturla unconscious, covered in bandages, the skin that shows is pale, “its not good news I’m afraid” says a voice behind him, “and even if he does recover she’ll send more after him”

Eilivaror face darkens ” let them come, let them all come”

….To Be Continued….

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