Rise of Tenacity’s Dignity

Rise of Tenacity’s Dignity

By Alan Mittag


Well, here I am.  My arm and one of my legs are fully healed, but I still need crutches to get around until my other leg catches up.  I was mad at Coach Sestonn.  I was mad at Dignity.  But after all this time thinking, I’ve come to terms with it.  And it’s true, Physique performed much better in week 7 against the Kentucky Bourbons.  In my own way, I feel proud of that.  So yes, here I am.  I am Dignity’s Archivist.  I’m part of the team.  I’m still a little angry, but I am not going anywhere.

I hobbled my way to the pitch of Grandiose Majesty.  The whole team was on the field, in practice.  Tenacity had finally pulled the team together, and they were recognizing him as the leader he always should have been.  He was their pillar.  And this season was his coming out party.

Royalty was running long bomb drills with Eccentric and Funny.  On the other side of the field, The Lion was coaching Physique on his fighting style.  And in the center, Tenacity was working with the other linemen, teaching them the basics of block and dodge.

When he saw me coming, Tenacity stepped away from the others.  “Keep doing it like I showed you,” he said to the others.  He met me on the edge of the field.

“You should be in bed,” he said, standing over me so tall that I could have been a dwarf.

“I’m ready to get back to work, and you guys have the biggest game of the season coming up,” I said.

Tenacity nodded at that.  “The White Owlz.  But we are ready for them.”

I pulled out my notebook as I asked, “Is coach Sestonn working on any specific strategies to handle the wood elves?”

“The General and Horthien have spent a lot of time going over the cabal vision records.  They seem confident, and so do I.  If you want the details you will need to ask them.”

I may have come to terms with what happened, but I wasn’t going to talk with Coach Sestonn.  So I changed the subject.  “The big match will be at home, and Dignity hasn’t lost a home game all season.”

Tenacity rested his hand on my shoulder.  He knew exactly what I was thinking.  “We are stronger at home,” he said.  Then he pointed to the Magician’s Shop and the two High Elven Brothers who were setting it up for the big match.  “You have yet to interview them.  Perhaps this is a good time?”

“You think so?” I asked.

“They both seemed genuinely worried about your injuries.  General Sestonn had to remove them on three occasions.  They kept trying to sneak in to heal you with magic.”

My jaw went slack.  Magic healing?  They could do that?  And Coach Sestonn didn’t let them?

Tenacity must have read my face.  He said, “Magic healing is against the rules for blood bowl players.”

“I’m not a blood bowl player!”

Tenacity nodded.  His eyes looked sad, “The General said magical healing would make your injuries mean less to Simenion.  To Physique.   If that happened, it would not have been worth it.”

I can’t remember ever being angrier then I was at that moment.  I could have spit fire in Coach Sestonn’s face.

Tenacity squeezed my shoulder, looked straight into me, and said.  “And I agreed.  We all regret what happened.  I would have stopped it if I could have.  But it did happen, and we did not want your sacrifice to go to waste. “

As cold as I could manage, I said, “You’re right.  It is way past time that I interview the High Mage Twins, the real heroes of Dignity.”




  1. So much internal and external strife for Alan!
    #Feelings…Nothing more than…Feelings. 🎧

  2. Nice Sestonn, sir! Poor Alan. I hope he gets his magical healing…. And I agree with Rez, such jerks at heart, still…. So maybe they do deserve the pain… 😀 😉

  3. I hate to say it, but Alan’s sacrifice was worth while. …I wonder how often we are going to have to do that.

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