Romantic Butts Part Doo

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a big, bad wolf…but he appeared small and meek in the shadow of the wolf he replaced.

Under Shawn Michael’s leadership, the Hopeless Necromantics had never lost a match to a skaven team. He was especially good at bashing the little pests. Ironically, Shawn’s profound talent became his downfall. The death and destruction that he caused eventually became too much for him to bear emotionally (see Unable to bring himself to kill another rat, Shawn spared a storm vermin during the Talismans R Us Bowl…and was rewarded with a sucker punch and a brutal gang foul to death in Turn 1. The Romantics lost their first match to a skaven team that day (see

Merodach the Roarer vowed that he would never spare a skaven. He refused to go out like Shawn. But the Romantics hadn’t been the same since Shawn died. And since Merodach joined the team, they had lost 3 in a row to open the season, one of those to a skaven team. With their losing streak up to 4 matches since last season’s Bowl match, a win was very important to the team…very important to Merodach.

2 seasons ago, the Skuttle Butts had been part of the Dungeon West conference, and they had faced the Romantics during the regular season. The Romantics dominated, winning 2-0, while throwing 51 blocks, inflicting 5 knockouts and 3 injuries, and maintaining control of the ball 81% of the match. Shawn had referred to that ass-kicking as “some good ole-fashioned Butt Lovin’.” Butts head coach Spawn had sworn revenge, and since the #CorruptCommissioner had pulled strings to get the Butts out of the Dungeon West, the Butts were back in the Pros this season with the Noble South Conference.

This next match against the Skuttle Butts was very important to the Romantics. The media was already referring to it as “Romantic Butts Part Doo” (which was also the name of a late-night movie on Cabalvision). The match was scheduled for that Monday on #BloodBowlAfterDark. Would it be some more good ole-fashioned Butt Lovin’, or would the Butts poop all over Romance?

Merodach wanted to show his team that he was fit to be their enforcer…that he was fit to replace Shawn. So he turned to the only guy he felt could help him: Shawn Michaels. Merodach dug up and spent countless hours studying some of Shawn’s old instructional videos on how to pummel rats. They looked something like this:


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