Royal return?

Badfak had heard rumours from the mountains. Coach DwarfGiant was possibly going to be looking for a new team. ‘Oi! Zibbit! Get dis letter and take it to dat stinkin’ Karak. Da boss is there. Let’s get ‘im back  wiv us where ‘E belongs ‘opefully before any uvver teams nabs ‘im.’

Zibbit grabbed the dirty parchment and wasted no time in heading on his journey. Speed was of the essence.

Badfak was trying to round up the rest of the boyz. Butters had been easy to find – it wasn’t hard to find the hulking brute but the rest of the team were proving elusive. Not deterred, Badfak would round up who he could. Even if he could only get half the lads back it’d be a start. The Pumpkin Kings could maybe play again…. as long as no one else grabbed the boss first.

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