S27 Story Arc of the Season Nominees

Season 27 of the MML signaled the ‘Return of the Lore’ and you coaches did not disappoint.

There were some truly awesome tales of ups and downs, triumphs and despairs submitted to the site, and you could say in a way we’re all winners for being able to read them.

But in another, more accurate, way there can only be one winner of the S27 Story Arc of the Season Award. To that end your Coaches Council have narrowed all your submissions down to a shortlist of 5 coaches who have really taken their team’s stories to the next level.

To help you all decide which one you’d like to vote for, below is a collection of all their submissions from this season, with a little added back story as well, so you can read through their team’s epic journeys from beginning to end.

and the Nominees are:


The Beauty Of Broken Things!

A Sticky Situation!

More Cracks Appearing At The Broken Things?

GAPS get their guy!

A Twist In The Tail!


The Trouble with Shiny Things

End of an era

Hard to give it up

At The Southern Sun


The Greatest Race

The Race to the Bottom

You’re Fired!


An Unsustainable Situation

A Trap

An Unwanted Touchdown


Karak Kadrin Slayers – Instalment 1

Karak Kadrin Slayers – S27 Match 1 MML Challenge League vs Big Hope (Away)

Karak Kadrin Slayers MD2 Prep

Karak Kadrin Slayers – S27 / MD3

Karak Kadrin Slayers S27 – MD4

Karak Kadrin Syers MD7

Happy reading!

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