S3 Individual Leaders (WAC/WFC)

Well, ladies and gents, this is where it pays to have the League Keeper of Records in your competition. You get to be the cool kids with the first crack at the new toys. Sure, you could all look these up in the Hall of Fame yourselves, but isn’t it more fun when I post them and add relevant comments where appropriate?

Below you will find the individual WAC/WFC Competition Leaders for various interesting categories. My plan next week is to make this League-wide. But for now, since no WAC/WFC competitors have played their Week 4 matches as of the writing of this post (and hence have same number of games played or managed by the League), why not try it out and see how people like it? So, without further ado:

BEST SCORER: Billy, of Leaping Lizard, has 3 TDs, while Ornithop0wna (TMNL) and Colours Jr (Hissstory of Violence) are right behind him with 2.

Best Scorers


BEST RUSHER: Billy, of Leaping Lizard, leads the competition with 132 running yards, but TMNL players Spermadactyl and Ornithop0wna are right behind him at 126 and 112, respectively.

Best Rushers


BEST THROWER: Manfred Giggler (Gottleib Gladiators) and Amaleyl (White Owlz) are tied with 18 passing yards each. Eomund Doolist (Gottleib Gladiators) is hot on their heels with 14. I still can’t believe that, as of the conclusion of S3 Wk3, no team in this League has ever busted 100 passing yards in a game!

Best Throwers


BEST PASSER: Eomund Doolist, of the Gottleib Gladiators, is on top with 3 completions.

Best Passers


BEST RECEIVER: Mikael Vogin Jr., of Gottleib Gladiators, leads with 3 catches; Sornyrd, of White Owlz trails in 2nd place with 2.


BIGGEST BRUTES: Trippertaurus (TMNL) and Tom Tooledup (Gottleib Gladiators) are also tied with 2 KOs inflicted apiece. Ties are the worst. Get to headhunting this week, boys!

Biggest Brutes


MOST VIOLENT: Wade, of Leaping Lizard, leads with 4 casualties inflicted.

Most Violent


SERIAL KILLER: Maimonychus, of TMNL, is the only player in the WAC/WFC competition with a kill so far.

Serial Kills


BEST PUNCHING BAG: Jimmy, of Leaping Lizard, is a glutton for punishment, already having been knocked out 3 times this season.

Best Punching Bags


I’ll add an INT category when someone actually catches one this season!