S4 Individual Awards

Your players have worked hard all year, while you’ve taken all the credit. Time to put some respek on their names!


Conor McGregor, of Los Pumas, was a touchdown MACHINE this season.  His 11 scores are 3 more than last year’s scoring leader, Juken’, of the Skuttle Butts, managed in a longer 8 game regular season.

Conor McGregor

Conference Leaders

Sword Coast Conference: Conor McGregor (10), of Los Pumas; Runner-Up: Han Tavirus (8), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam

Wicked Forest Conference: Tom (9), of Praag no5 team; Runner-Up: Grimkrin (5), of Granite City Grimbeards

Wasteland Athletic Conference: Altonanna (8), of Leaf Dancers; Runners-Up: Belarimar (3), of Leaf Dancers; and Ricky (3), of Leaping Lizard

Death Valley Conference: Gorbag Marlarr (7), of The Green Tide Titans; Runner-Up: Banlaen (6), of The Blitzkriegers

First 4: Zarlara (6), of Seathiel Treehawks; Runners-Up: Zeshuir (4), of Seathiel Treehawks; and Savage Sal (4), of Norse Leap til Brooklyn

Iron League: Rotnail (5), of Wrecking kru; Runners-Up: Tra-tigors (3), of Innsmouth Deep Ones; Gutrad (3), of Wrecking kru; and Greased Up Deaf Guy (3), of Stop Rolling Ones!!!

Noble South Conference: Butterhands Fumblecatch (4), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators; and Rhasscaeon Aldaloth (4), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators

Dungeon West: Suiônduil “Eccentric” (4) & Horthien “Tenacity,” of Dignity; Godefroy d’Artois (4), of Mousillon Morningstars; and Jerkin’ James Whitcroft (4), of Just Norsin’ Around



Juken’s rushing record of 420 yards, accomplished over 8 games last season, was broken by the underrated dwarf runner,  Tom, of Praag no5 team, who rumbled for 440 yards in just 7 games!


Conference Leaders

WFC: Tom (440), of Praag no5 team; Runner-Up: Grimkrin (262), of Granite City Grimbeards

DVC: Gorbag Marlarr (400), of The Green Tide Titans; Runner-Up: Marquis (260), of Solus savers

WAC: Belarimar (366), of Leaf Dancers; Runner-Up: Ricky (214), of Leaping Lizard

SCC: Conor McGregor (336), of Los PumasRunner-Up: Han Tavirus (226), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam

IL: Rotnail (336), of Wrecking kruRunner-Up: Odell BeckRAM Jr. (262), of Bill COWher Power Hour

NSC: Nimphenien Aladanae (280), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators; Runner-Up: Stagg jr. (150), of The Kentucky Bourbons

DW: Leeroy Jenkins (232), of New Orcland Grunts; Runner-Up: Therranduil “Royalty” (190), of Dignity

F4: Savage Sal (220), of Norse Leap til Brooklyn; Runner-Up: Peregrine (194), of Seathiel Treehawks



With 236 yards passing, Tharranduil “Royalty,” of Dignity, almost doubled S3’s high mark of 126 yards!


Conference Leaders

DW: Tharranduil “Royalty” (236), of Dignity; Runner-Up: Jerkin’ James Whitcroft (38), of Just Norsin’ Around

NSC: Nimphenien Aladanae (160), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators; Runners-Up: Eagle Rare, of The Kentucky Bourbons (14); and Shadow (14) & Ferenc da Hungarian (14) of Champions of Valhalla

DVC: Lildhil (98), of The Blitzkriegers; Runner-Up: Umbean(58), of The Blitzkriegers

F4: Peregrine (92), of Seathiel Treehawks; Runner-Up: Zeshuir (18) of Seathiel Treehawks

IL: Bentard The 2nd, of Stop Rolling Ones!!! (86); Runner-Up: Odell BeckRAM Jr. (68), of Bill COWher Power Hour

SCC: Gorkaf (84), of Da Green Fist; Runner-Up: Alaric Frej (48), of Los Pumas

WFC: Amalost (60), of White Owlz; Runner-Up: Mylm’nor (38) of White Owlz

WAC: Belarimar (34), of Leaf Dancers; Runner-Up: Nadanfel (12), of Leaf Dancers



Rhasscaeon Aldaloth, of Thee Grandiose Gladiators, repeats as co-winner of this category, with the same number of catches, 6, as last season (in 1 less game), but this time he is joined by a more friendly co-winner: his teammate, Butterhands Fumblecatch. The best receiving corps in the MML officially belongs to the Gladiators.

Butterhands Fumblecatch Rhasscaeon Aldaloth

Conference Leaders

NSC: Butterhands Fumblecatch (6) & Rhasscaeon Aldaloth (6), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators

DVC: Banlaen (5), of The Blitzkriegers; Runner-Up: Talmael (4), of The Blitzkriegers

IL: Greased Up Deaf Guy (5), of Stop Rolling Ones!!!; Runners-Up: Tra-tigors (2) & Matt (2), of Innsmouth Deep Ones; Gutrad (2), of Wrecking kru; and RAM Chancellor (2), Stephen Goatkowski (2) & Bill RAManowski (2), of Bill COWher Power Hour

WAC: Belarimar (4), of Leaf Dancers; Runner-Up:  Nadanfel (3), of Leaf Dancers

WFC: Sornyrd (4), of White Owlz; Runners-Up: Tom (3), of Praag no5 team; and NTB (3), of White Owlz

SCC: Han Tavirus (4), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam; and Hans Lamprecht (4), of Los Pumas

F4: Zeshuir (3), Haliastur (3), and Altontor (3), of Seathiel Treehawks

DW: Jerkin’ James Whitcroft (3), of Just Norsin’ Around; and Horthien “Tenacity” (3) & Erugoldur “Funny” (3), of Dignity



This season’s Biggest Brutes fell short of double digits in knockouts, which the Skuttle Butts’ Decapitator and the Bill COWher Power Hour’s Knob Creek (What happened to that guy? He’s been pretty quiet this season.) achieved last season, but coming within 1 of their mark at 9 in 1 less match is arguably more impressive on the part of IMPWaH (Just Norsin’ Around) & Doric Ratsmasher (Granite City Grimbeards).

IMPWaH Doric Ratsmasher

Conference Leaders

DW: IMPWaH (9), of Just Norsin’ Around; Runner-Up: Nice ‘N’ Sticky (8), of Just Norsin’ Around

WFC: Doric Ratsmasher (9), of Granite City Grimbeards; Runner-Up: Bernie (5), of Praag no5 team

NSC: Snow (7), of Champions of Valhalla; Runner-Up: Sagat (4), of SupeR StreetFighter ElveS

IL: Gutrad (5) & Braduk Break’Throat (5), of Wrecking kru; Knob Creek (5), of Bill COWher Power Hour; and Terry Bruise (5), of Stop Rolling Ones!!!

F4: Oatlgor of Tlaxtlan (5), of Dragonborn Tidefighters; Runner-Up: Haliastur (4), of Seathiel Treehawks

DVC: Louise (5) & Robshank (5), of The Green Tide Titans; and Mad magnus ISIC (5), of Solus savers

SCC: Azhag Eat-Spleen (4), of Da Green Fist; and Rokk (4) & Gorfang Goug’Calf (4), of Yate Yobz 2.3

WAC: Wade (4) & Snake (4), of Leaping Lizard; and Bane (4), of Hissstory of Violence



Wade, of Leaping Lizard, was crowned Most Violent Player in S3 after inflicting 10 casualties; but, apparently, he’s all about kaizen, because he blew that mark out of the water with 15 inflicted casualties in in S4, with 1 less match played!  To put in perspective how dominant he was this season, his runner-ups in this category have 8 casualties! He almost doubled their number!


Conference Leaders

WAC: Wade (15), of Leaping Lizard; Runner-Up:  Mahtar’nwaen (5), of Leaf Dancers

WFC: Bernie (8), of Praag no5 team; Runners-Up: Finber Elf-Bruiser (6), of Granite City Grimbeards; and David (6), of Praag no5 team

DW: IMPWaH (8), of Just Norsin’ Around; Runner-Up:  Simenion “Physique” (5), of Dignity

IL: Braduk Break’Throat (7), of Wrecking kru; Runner-Up: Morgoth (6), of Wrecking kru

DVC: Robshank (5), of The Green Tide Titans; and Yn-hyn Nag’aur (5), of Merthyr Shock’n’Ore

SCC: Badruk Eat’Skullz (5), of Yate Yobz 2.3; Runners-Up: Rafi (4), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam; Rein Advar (4), of Los Pumas; and Grubak Break’Hand (4), of Yate Yobz 2.3

NSC: Captain Morgan (5), of The Kentucky Bourbons; and Snow (5), of Champions of Valhalla

F4: MCAttack (4), of Norse Leap til Brooklyn; and  Itzahutec (4), of Dragonborn Tidefighters



While the death toll has dramatically risen in S4 (I’ll defer to League Apothecary More_Shots for the exact stats), only 2 players finished the season as serial killers. IMPWaH, of Just Norsin’ Around, has killed 3 players, which is more than any other player accomplished in S3 or S4 (individual statistics were not recorded in S1 or S2). Grubnash Bruis’Hand, of Yate Yobz 2.3, finished with 2 kills.

IMPWaH stats


Just like S3, no player recorded more than 1 interception. However, there were 5 interceptions this season, compared to only 3 in S3…so there’s that. S4’s Best Interceptors (which isn’t saying much) were: Morost, of Yate Yobz 2.3; Karel, of Praag no5 team; Vardrin, of Granite City Grimbeards; Shig Paw, of Innsmouth Deep Ones; and Eccentric, of Dignity.

Morost, Karel, and Vardrin Shig Paw Eccentric



Well, it was a close race to see who could get knocked out the most, but the 2 S4 winners of this award really took one several for the team…literally. Veassen Aladanae & Longrod von Hugendong, of Thee Grandiose Gladiators, went out like Thelma and Louise, each getting knocked unconscious 7 times this season, which eclipses S3’s 6-knockout mark! Now, let’s all line up to take their lunch money appropriately congratulate them on their achievement.

Veassen Aladanae Longrod von Hugendong

Conference Mark-Azz Bustas

NSC: Veassen Aladanae (7) & Longrod von Hugendong (7), of Thee Grandiose Gladiators

F4: Ovid the Illmatic (4), of Norse Leap til Brooklyn; Punk-Behind Sidekicks: Wilton Sabotage (4) & Red Hooks (4), of Norse Leap til Brooklyn

WAC: Silly (5), of Leaping Lizard; Punk-Behind Sidekicks: Belarimar (3), Githanur (3) & Torayne (3), of Leaf Dancers; Wade of Leaping Lizard (3); and Salamence (3), of Hissstory of Violence

IL: Sacrificial Elf #2 (4), of Stop Rolling Ones!!!; and Gutrad (4), of Wrecking kru

SCC: Psoriasis (4), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam; Punk-Behind Sidekicks: Volgott Gut-Spitter (3), of Los Pumas; Groost (3), Tokhor (3) & Uegru (3), of Da Green Fist; and Herpes Gestationis (3) & Thanuk (3), of Rodentia Ad Nauseam

WFC: Homer (4) & Smashceratops (4), of TMNL

DVC: Bantain (4), of The Blitzkriegers; and Reginfrear (4), of Solus savers

DW: Louis d’Epee (3) & PreachMJ (3), of Mousillon Morningstars; Captain Tragedy (3), of Just Norsin’ Around; and Simenion “Physique” (3), Suiônduil “Eccentric” (3) & Nimphenien “Fortress” (3) of Dignity

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