S5 Individual Awards

Only 2 matches to play in Round 2 of the playoffs (along with a couple of Bowl games left), so what are we to do with all of our spare time now? Well, maybe this will feed your MML hunger for a bit. S5 Individual Awards, as illustrated by Fnords:


You’ll notice that some players are sporting a nifty “BEST” or “TIE” medal. That means that their corresponding statistic this season was an MML record for a single season! (*post-S2, since individual stats weren’t kept until S3).

And, for dessert, here’s what the individual single-season MML records looked like at the end of S4 (so you can see how much the new record holders outshot the old records by):

Most TDs scored 11 Conor McGregor Los Pumas SCC S4 discodavo *Varil, of The Frozen Thrones, scored 13 by S3 Wk7, but was fired after Wk 7 match
Most Rushing Yards 440 Tom Praag no5 team WFC S4 qwert0258
Most Passing Yards 236 Tharranduil “Royalty” Dignity DW S4 Sestonn
Most Receptions 6 Rhasscaeon Aldaloth Thee Grandiose Gladiators NSC S3, S4 TigerShark4NU *8 matches in S3
6 Zarniss Loren Rockets DVC S3 Ponghines *8 matches
6 Zeshuir Seathiel Treehawks F4 S3 Sacerdotalist *8 matches
6 Butterhands Fumblecatch Thee Grandiose Gladiators NSC S4 TigerShark4NU
Most KOs Inflicted 10 Decapitator Skuttle Butts F4 S3 Spawn_Of_Cthulu *8 matches
10 Knob Creek Bill COWher Power Hour IL S3 More_Shots *8 matches
Most Casualties Inflicted 15 Wade Leaping Lizard WAC S4 doneagle_
Most Kills 3 IMPWaH Just Norsin’ Around DW S4 CommieCOZY
Most INTs Caught 1 Tordeorn Loren Rockets DVC S3 Ponghines *8 matches
1 Marnast Cans wes eats it DVC S3 CHASEJJ *8 matches
1 Petr Praag no5 team WFC S3 qwert0258 *8 matches
1 Morost Yate Yobz 2.3 SCC S4 S130south
1 Karel Praag no5 team WFC S4 qwert0258
1 Vardrin Granite City Grimbeards WFC S4 Just_Stevie13
1 Shig Paw Innsmouth Deep Ones IL S4 Whiskey_Tornado
1 Suiônduil “Eccentric” Dignity DW S4 Sestonn
Most KOs Sustained 7 Veassen Aladanae Thee Grandiose Gladiators NSC S3 TigerShark4NU *8 matches
7 Longrod von Hugendong Thee Grandiose Gladiators NSC S3 TigerShark4NU *8 matches


  1. And they say S5 was a brutal one. most casualties 8… haha wade from s4 laughs at them. ( he’s getting older and keeping his last strength for s6 )

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