S6 Individual Awards

When I released the S6 Regular-Season Single-Game Team Records a couple of weeks ago, I told you that the best things come to those who wait…well, I had no friggin’ idea! BEHOLD below, the latest creations from the mind of our very own Fnords!

Each Individual Award winner has been put on a collector’s card. And check this out…Fnords wants to have these made into actual cards so that the next time some of you tabletoppers go somewhere, you can take these with you as potential hireable star players! After all, why spend 240k on Wilhelm Chaney when, for 10k more, you can hire the MML’s own Shawn Michaels to terrorize your opponent? Or shout “YOLO!” and set Stephen Pearcy loose on your opponent while you watch that little vein in his forehead start to throb!

Anyway, enjoy these remarkable displays below, especially those of you whose players made the cut. And if anyone knows a good printer who could cut us a sweet deal and/or who we can trust with this special project, please let Fnords know. He has a guy, but he’d like to consider all of our networks first.

So, without further ado…

Special mention to Tytigor and Cry-nogors, of the Flat Earth Angels; Silly II and Vinny, the meanie, of the Leaping Lizard; and Frizny Beard of the Thugz of Wheldrake, who were all tied for the WAC award at 2 scores each, but didn’t make the card. Fnords don’t give out no participation trophies!












32 other players killed someone in S6, but if you didn’t do it at least twice, you’re not a serial killer, and you didn’t make the card.


11 other players intercepted passes in S6, and I’ll list them below in tribute, but Fnords ain’t making a card for 1 INT. Sorry. Try harder next season.

1 Irish Carbomb Bill COWher Power Hour DVC Conf Leader (t)
1 Umbean The Blitzkriegers DVC Conf Leader (t)
1 Athven Stop Rolling Ones!!! IL
1 Graoth Wrecking kru IL
1 Aracnis lord of spiders Solus savers NSC Conf Leader
1 Rein Advar Los Pumas SCC Conf Leader (t)
1 Banlaine Witch’s Coven SCC Conf Leader (t)
1 Hithdrir Witch’s Coven SCC Conf Leader (t)
1 Vinny, the meanie Leaping Lizard WAC Conf Leader (t)
1 Blake Leaping Lizard WAC Conf Leader (t)
1 Iztssa Slaan Seers WFC Conf Leader


Finally, the Best Punching Bag category has been discontinued in S6, due to issues with tracking it, as well as its trivial nature and weird final numbers due to deaths of its leaders.

PS: In case you were wondering what the Individual Season Records looked like before S6, see below:

Most TDs scored 11 Conor McGregor Los Pumas SCC S4 discodavo *Varil, of The Frozen Thrones, scored 13 by S3 Wk7, but was fired after Wk 7 match
11 Sornyrd White Owlz WFC S5 The_Stu176
Most Rushing Yards 456 Gorbag Marlarr The Green Tide Titans DVC S5 thunden
Most Passing Yards 356 Billy “Magician” Graham Nuffle’s Holy Rollers IL S5 Durrun
Most Receptions 12 Al “The Best” Sharpton Nuffle’s Holy Rollers IL S5 Durrun
Most KOs Inflicted 10 Decapitator Skuttle Butts F4 S3 Spawn_Of_Cthulu *8 matches
10 Knob Creek Bill COWher Power Hour IL S3 More_Shots *8 matches
Most Casualties Inflicted 15 Wade Leaping Lizard WAC S4 doneagle_
Most Kills 4 Nice ‘n’ Sticky Just Norsin’ Around DW S5 CommieCOZY
Most INTs Caught 2 Al “The Best” Sharpton Nuffle’s Holy Rollers IL S5 Durrun


  1. Wow, nice graphics! Good job, Fnordi! Also thanks a lot for collecting thes, Jesti! These things make the MML into what it is – awesome!

  2. The player cards are a very nice touch! Well done! Now where are the CL version of these??? Krushers may have a card or two from there 😀

  3. I’m happy to make graphics for CL but I’ll require someone to teack stats for CL as time management is a thing. Anyone interested in doing this should talk to Dio and sort something out.

  4. I have the stats up to week 6 in S6 unfortunately Alot of teams left the play pools after their last week 7 games. Nice work jest and Fnords they look good

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