Well it was finally time to meet the boss and I already knew he wasn’t a happy bunny last week saw Plague Inc and Abomination Nation crash out of the play offs. I know that Rand The Mad got a dressing down after he had told the boss he was going to win the Challenge League Trophy. VpowerV luckily didn’t stick his neck out but since the Boss had expected him a shoe in for the Play Offs VpowerV didn’t escape the wrath either. Weeping Widowmakers with all that talent was hanging onto the play offs with there fingertips after some horrid bad luck. It got me thinking as I thought of the season as a whole all of us had horrendous bad luck like somebody was behind it all someone was sabotaging the four horsemen. My bad luck seemed to disappear soon as I hired Steve Michaels and a couple of his pack to protect the team hopefully that will continue.

As I approached the Mansion I saw Hairy Warthog leave via the front door Rez Michaels growled as soon as he clapped eyes on the Chaos Coach, you want me to rip him in two snarled Rez. I glanced at him and then realised Steve had said that rez was the crazy one always looking for a punch up. No its fine I said as hairy nodded and walked by. We went into the office and the boss with his legs on the desk laid back in his chair seemed in a happy mood I thought I wonder if that had something to do with his meeting with Hairy Warthog.

Now then Bernie take a seat I see you have brought your dogs there not needed here we are friends are we not? Even so I think I will let them stay put if you dont mind. Where Rez was a snarling crazy maniac the tall muscular imposing build of Gerd Michaels just stood there staring at the boss his eyes not leaving him. Look Bernie I will get straight to the point we need the Four Horsemen in the play offs I will  become a laughing stock if none of you make the play offs this cannot happen Bernie do you understand?  What was Hairy doing here I replied back trying to catch the boss off his game but was to no avail, that Bernie doesn’t concern you yet if it does then you will be the first to know. All due respect Boss I told you I needed this season to bed the team in and make a big push in season 8 and now you putting pressure on my team to get into the play offs I think that is a bit unfair, saying that our play off future is in our own hands and will do what we can to make them.

The thing is Boss I think we are getting sabotaged by a mysterious group the amount of bad fortune the Four Horsemen have had of late cannot be a coincidence so I got my pack to do some digging and Pierre Michaels found the ball for the winning touchdown of the Pumpkin Kings against Abomination Nation and it was a laser guided football I kid you not and that is why they could get away with these crazy plays and disturbing presence failed to cause disruption. Steve also found the balls widowmakers used against the holy squirrels and they where deflated just enough to cause handling issues what we saw with that hand off fumble with the End Zone at there mercy. You want us in the Play Offs boss then find out who is sabotaging the Horsemen because if you don’t you could end up being the laughing stock of the league, my pack has got my back but you better get some extra security for Thunden and his Widowmakers you want the Trophy then protect our players!

Just as the Boss was about to speak Gretzky Michaels (Yes there is a alot of them and yes he is from Canada) stormed into the room me and the boss quickly looked at him he was holding something in his paws he approached the bosses desk and threw the contents in his paw onto the desk this Mansion is bugged Boss someone knows all our tactics what we done when we doing it and which refs we have bribed and what game plan we are using against each team, in short Boss we have been sabotaged!





  1. Fr:TheRealDrumph: Illegal Surveillance and Phone Bugging !?!? Where have I heard THAT before? *wink* #corrupt MML #beastie boys

  2. Awwwww nice doggy. We were just discussing ………Erm ………..antibiotics

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