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The team was in the middle of their home field, the Garden of Morr, surrounded by the press and photographers, getting official images and streams of the team after their success in successfully defending the MMLPro championship. The players, free from the tyranny of Da-Runt, had embraced life as blood bowl players are were completely in their element, striking poses for the assembled masses. Those players who had luckily survived in the last two seasons were flashing off their double championship rings. Seven of the players had managed to survive both games. Even Arm Breaker, who had been forced to retire after his 2nd serious injury, was smiling broadly. He had found no shortage of work and had become an ambassador for the club, going around the skaven clans and offering scholarships for potential new trainees.  The mood and atmosphere at the ground had changed so much in 4 seasons. No longer were the mountain trolls at the stadium to make sure the skaven performed, they were personal bodyguards and assistants, getting paid handsomely to ensure that the team and players got whatever they needed.

The coach had been part of the 1st few images but had been asked to give an interview. He had finished with his session with the reporter from Spike Magazine and was sitting down in the dugout collecting his thoughts and going through his notebook, in preparation for the next season. The retirement of their star thrower, Spine Tingler, was hard on the team. His leadership had been immense in the 4 seasons since they were captured and forced to play. The development teams that had been put into place was paying off handsomely with some potential stars in the making. The problem was though that the loss of players throughout the season with permanent injuries had taken its toll. They were short in numbers. Making his decision, the coach called over a runner, passing over a slip of paper with the names of 3 enthusiastic young linerats that he would purchase for the new season.

As one goblin ran off down the tunnel, another came up and was dodging between the press and trolls legs to get to the coach. He presented a parchment to coach Gerdleah and scampered back off. The MMLPro emblem was stamped on the official document. Here they were, the play pool teams and the fixture list for next season. The arrival of the document had not gone unnoticed by the press. They charged across the field to where he was sitting, cameras snapping and shouts from everyone at once, various requests all asking who they were paired with 1st game.

Standing up, he opened the parchment and looked down at the list, with a small smile. “Our first match is at home. We will be playing The Warped Minds.” The press started to barrage the coach with new questions, but he ignored them all and walked past them towards his team. “Ok, here is the schedule of our games. It’s time to prepare again. Go get your kits on and let’s get to it.” With a nod to a couple of the trolls, they moved off and started corralling the press out of the stadium. Some had to be forcibly carried, hauled over the shoulders of the huge trolls, but still snapping away as many photos as they could.

Calling to another goblin, he hastily scribbled a note. Addressed to Da-Runt it simply said,

Hopefully your training is progressing well. Bring them over to the stadium as I need them in preparation for the first game.

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