Season 2 Begins in January

Hello, Blood Bowl 2 Coaches!

The 2016 New Year marks the start of our second MML season! The MML season is an eight-week season where coaches face off in conference and non-conference games hoping to earn bowl eligibility and complete in an official MML Bowl Game. The Rules & Regulations has most of the details you need, but we have some further information here to get you going.

Getting Started

If you’re a returning coach, all you need to do is register your returning team on the website. New coaches will also need to register on the website, and select a preferred conference to compete in. Conference preferences will be given to returning coaches first, and then on a first come first serve basis. The League makes every effort to accommodate conference requests and place teams appropriately.

Registration will be opening SOON!!!

Stay tuned to the website as we will be opening the Season 2 registration very soon.

MML League Rewards

Ultimate bragging rights go to the highest ranked teams, with the highest honor given to the winner of the MML Championship Bowl. The League also offers the Money Team option for coaches who wish to participate – see Rules & Regulations for more details.

The League is currently working on a reward system for Coaches, stay tuned for more details.

New For Season 2

The MML has many new exciting features coming in Season 2!

Game of the Week

Each week the MML will take a look at the upcoming matches from around the League and select a match-up to be broadcast LIVE! on the MML website. From time to time the League will also have guest commentators helping Bob and Jim call the game.

Weekly Recap Podcast

Each week the MML staff will recap the prior weeks games and take a critical look at the upcoming weeks match-ups and announce the League rankings and Power Polls a full day prior to being published.

Rankings & Playoffs

The MML has instituted a League wide ranking system. Gone is the divisional break segregation of conferences. The League has determined that the divisional method may not produce the top teams playing for the Championship game. That said, the ranking system will rank all teams League wide and produce what the MML feels is a more balanced and exciting playing field – especially come Bowl season.

Money Teams

The MML is offering the ability for coaches to make some actual cash! Coaches who wish to participate can pay a fee into a pool, that will then be paid out at the end of the season according to rankings. For complete details click here.

The MML Staff and Coaches looks forward to the upcoming Season!

Best Regards,

MML Commish







  1. I’m signed up, ready to join in on this great league. Any idea what day we are looking at for sign-ups?

  2. Welcome! I think we’re looking to leave the registration open for a week or so, then send out conference invites…unless it fills sooner. 🙂

    MML Commish

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