Season 3 Conference Assignments Announced

LEAGUE OFFICE – Today the League announced the team Conference assignments for Season 3. The following is a tentative list of how the 32 Pro teams will be divided come Season 3.

Consideration for Returning Coaches was taken into account by seniority (most seasons coached) when placing teams by their preference. Every effort has been taken to fairly accommodate conference requests. The League has made every effort to keep teams in the same conference season to season, and ensure proper Divisional placement (ease of scheduling). Anomalies can and do occur, but every effort has been made to mitigate potential issues.

The following is a tentative list, and is subject to change prior to Season 3. 

Listed by registered team (coach) and if they are a returning [R] coach.

Dungeon West

  • Nevermoor Ravens (sturmjarl) [R]
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Sestonn) [R]
  • TBD (ninjatwok) [R]
  • New Orcland Grunts (PreachMJ) [R]

First 4

  • Pork Attack (bortbot18) [R]
  • Seathiel Treehawks (Sacerdotalist) [R]
  • Skuttle Butts (Spawn_of_Chutulu) [R]
  • The Last Humans (ahart62) [R]

Iron League

  • Da Orcs of Rome (eddyeddy202) [R]
  • Wrecking Kru (Caven08) [R]
  • Bill COWher Power Hour (More_Shots) [R]
  • Red Fang Fury (CommieCozy) [R]

Noble South Conference

  • Innsmouth Deep Ones (Whiskey_Tornado) [R]
  • Mauz (DaltMc) [R]
  • TBD (TigerShark4NU) [R]
  • Reptile Dysfunction (Hezekiah87) [R]

Death Valley Conference

  • Merthyr Shock’n’Ore (Shakytumbleweed) [R]
  • Moonlight Dancers (ubdead325)
  • Loren Rockets (Ponghines)
  • The Blitzkriegers (Stuntmandidi)

Sword Coast Conference

  • Darkmoon Blades (Leathyndra) [R]
  • Los Pumas (DiscoDavo) [R]
  • The Bell Keepers (GalfonOrbit) [R]
  • The Frozen Thrones (JokerTheForth) [R]

Wasteland Athletic Conference

  • Hissstory of Violence (The_Crow_09) [R]
  • Thugz of Wheldrake (Hairy_Warthog) [R]
  • Leaping Lizards (doneagle_) [R]
  • The Green Tide Titans (Thunden) [R]

Wicked Forest Conference

  • Brutal Dodgy Sick Mieanies (MRBIG83)
  • Gottlieb Gladiators (Just_Stevie) [R]
  • Royal Rat Authority (MGiteau12) [R]
  • TMNL (seriousjest)

Challenge League Conferences:

Ancient Central Empire

  • Praag no5 Team (Siorac)
  • Kislev Kardinals (tin_smasher)
  • Cans wes eats (CHASEJJ)
  • Flat Earth Renegades (SILENT-THUNDER75)

Disputed Land Conference

  • Yate Yobz 2.2 (S130south)
  • Beowulf Bears (gigantor6257)
  • New Orc Knucklebockers (Crimson_Loon)
  • Celebrity Reptiles (Stimee)