Season 3 Registration Now Open!

Welcome Coaches!!!

The MML is proud to announce that Season 3 is open for registration. Come join us for our third season on the pitch!

The MML is the home of the premier Blood Bowl 2 League on the PS4. The MML offers a community of some of the best coaches in the game, a game experience unmatched in any other  League and a progression mechanic that allows you to manage your teams dynasty from season to season.

Register for Season 3

Important Information:

Conference Time Zone Organization:

To better accomodate play and scheduling for coaches around the world, the MML has organized the conferences into time zones. This is a suggestion only, coaches are welcome to pick any conference they wish. 

Western Conferences
Dungeon West – -8 UTC (PST)
Iron League – -7 UTC (MST)
Noble South Conference – -6 UTC (CST)
First 4- -5 UTC (EST)

Eastern Conferences
Sword Coast League – 0 UTC
Wasteland Athletic Conference – +1 UTC
Wicked Forest Conference – +2 UTC
Death Valley Conference – +10 UTC

League TV Cap:

All teams must comply with the Season League TV Cap. The League TV cap exists to ensure parity between returning teams and new teams. The League TV Cap can be found here.

Note: Only registered MML site users will be able to sign up for Season 3. (Register/Login here).

What to Expect:

Once you register, you will receive an in-game ticket. Note that tickets will go out the week after Registration CLOSES. You will not receive a ticket sooner than this. The League suggests that you enroll your team on the Farm in the meantime so the League can verify your team ahead of time.

Thanks for your interest in the MML!

See you on the pitch.