Season 4 Bowl Games

Welcome to the end of  4, the is excited for some Bowls and we promise to deliver some of the most exciting games of the ! Teams that are Eligible, that is those who have a record of .500 or better at the end of the , are given a Bowl game to compete in. Teams are matched up in Bowls that look to provide a balanced and exciting game. There is also consideration of future rivalry and rematch implications for future Seasons. It should be an exciting post-!!!

Season 4 Playoffs


Season 4 Bowl Games


Bloodweiser Bowl
Bill Cowher Power Hour vs The Blitzkriegers


Orcidas Bowl
Norse Leap til Brooklyn vs Yate Yobz 2.3


Goblin Gambling Bowl
Mousillon Morningstars vs Leaping Lizard


McMurty’s Famous Bowl
The Kentucky Bourbons vs Rodentia Ad Nauseam


  1. Should be good! Hard to pick favourites! I think we should run a book! Honest Frost’s, honest bookies! 😉 Place your bets folks!

  2. I’ll take that action frost! RAD over those thyroid challenged elves called the bourbons

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