Season 4 Week 3 Injury Report

Hello , Apothecary More_Shots here we are heading into week 57 and here is your injury update. Injuries are still at a high level and deaths have doubled this week.

INJURED, Thrower Morost for Yates Yobz 2.3

INJURED, Berserker Toby for Solus Savers

INJURED, Lineman Reginkatla for Solus Savers

INJURED, Lineman Torayne for Leaf Dancers

INJURED, Lineman Chessfin for Leaf Dancers

INJURED, Saurus Itzahutec for Dragonborn Tidefighters

INJURED, Black Orc Grabek Tear’Arm for Da Green Fist

INJURED, Lineman Money Mark for Norse Leap ’til Brooklyn

INJURED, Thrower Offer Expires… Now! for Just Norsin’ Around

INJURED, Thrower Fibro “Farve” Myagia for Rodentia Ad Nauseam

INJURED, Beastman Motelothag Thut for Innsmouth Deep Ones

INJURED, Beastman Ta’mulgors for Innsmouth Deep Ones

INJURED, Lineman Barranion “Dauntless” for Dignity

INJURED, Saurus Trippertaurus for TMNL

INJURED, Lineman Caelis for The Blitzkreigers


Deaths have skyrocketed up to 8.


The Kentucky Bourbons

Beastman Elijah Craig Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711114215







Lineman Ratthalamu Freiburb Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711114613






Innsmouth Deep Ones

Chaos Warrior Drath Liverrip  Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711115025






Rodentia Ad Nauseam

Lineman Vordle Blade  Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711120013






White Owlz

Lineman Ballniss  Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711120235







Saurus Frau Farhissina Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711120505






Leaping Lizards

Skink Lizzy II  Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711120821






Leaf Dancers

Lineman Chesshain  Deceased

Blood Bowl 2_20160711121038






My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the Pro, Challenge, and . We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet  and achieve fame and glory in the .

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya,