Season 5 Outlook

LEAGUE OFFICE – Today the League announced the team Conference assignments for Season 5. The following is a tentative list of how the 32 Pro teams will be divided come Season 5.

Consideration for Returning Coaches was taken into account by seniority (most seasoned coached) when placing teams by their preference. Every effort has been taken to fairly accommodate conference requests. The League has made every effort to keep teams in the same conference season to season, and ensure proper Divisional placement (ease of scheduling). Anomalies can and do occur, but every effort has been made to mitigate potential issues.

Racial Diversity Open Slots

  • Human [0]
  • Bretonian [1]
  • Undead [1]

Conference Assignments

  • Dungeon West

    • Just Norsin’ Around (CommieCozy) [V]
    • New Orcland Grunts (PreachMJ) [V]
    • Dignity (Sestonn) [V]
    • Mousillon Morningstars (Sturmjarl) [V]
  • First 4

    • Norse Leap til Brooklyn (Bortbot18) [V]
    • Princes of Arioch (Sacerdotalist) [V]
    • Repulsive Ratlings (Stuffnjunk84) [R]
    • Greendale Human Beings (SeriousJest) [R]
  • Iron League

    • Wrecking Kru (Caven08) [V]
    • Snitchburgh PieRats (Whiskey_Tornado) [V]
    • The Mummy Factory (ReznorRulesYou) [R]
    • Nuffle’s Holy Rollers (Durrun) [R]
  • Noble South Conference

    • Reptile Dysfunction (Hezekiah87) [V]
    • Thee Grandious Gladiators (TigerShark4NU) [V]
    • Champions of Vahalla (Shadow_Webster) [R]
    • Solus Savers (ChaseJJ) [R]
  • Death Valley Conference

    • The Green Tide Titans (Thunden) [V]
    • Bill COWher Power Hour (More_Shots) [V]
    • Merthyr Shock’n’Ore (Shakytumbleweed) [V]
    • The Blitzkriegers (Stunitmandidi) [R]
  • Sword Coast Conference

    • Los Pumas (discodavo) [V]
    • Rodentia Ad Nauseam (ntb_99) [R]
    • Yate Yobz (S130South) [R]
    • Mighty Meaties (Bennydrill) [R]
  • Wasteland Athletic Conference

    • Leaping Lizard (doneagle_) [V]
    • Thugz of Wheldrake (Hairy_Warthog) [V]
    • Leaf Dancers (Ponghines) [R]
    • Flat Earth Angels (Silent_Thunder75) [R]
  • Wicked Forest Conference

    • Granite City Grimbeards (Just_Stevie) [V]
    • Praag no5 Team (Qwert0258) [R]
    • White Owlz (The_Stu176) [R]
    • Slaan Seers (Josaih_Frost) [R]

Challenge League Conferences:

  • Ancient Central Empire

    • Walking Dead Reanimated (Fnords) [N]
    • Bullingdom Club (Eddvert) [N]
    • Darvi Bloodwings (Penfold42) [R]
    • Horror Liz (The_Stu176) [R]
  • Chaos Prime Republic

    • Roosters Impact (DKChams) [R]
    • Death Night Stalkers (Dionysiuz) [N]
    • Slithering Hell 2 (jonah2005uk) [N]
    • Broken Bond (Hairy_Warthog) [R]
  • Disputed Land Conference

    • Grid Iron Gods (GoDawgs66Sickem) [N]
    • Carrior Savants (Dymntd) [N]
    • Sensitivity Training (seriousjest) [R]
    • SingSkink Serpenitentiary (BortBot18) [R]
  • Fumble Underground Nation

    • Wish We Where Bruta (ReznorRulesYou) [R]
    • Teutonic Troublemakers (ColoradoCelt) [N]
    • Karag Dron Krushers (Midway_Monster01) [R]
    • Orcsnal FC (discodavo) [R]
  • Uncivilized Gentlemen’s Club

    • BEER ME!!! (More_Shots) [R]
    • Kislev Kodiaks (Sturmjarl) [R]
    • Sweedish Bekini Team (Blue6Maxx) [R]
    • Black Dragon (Mtdunfee2000) [N]
  • Wyrm Abyss Realm

    • The Apostles (Preach_MJ) [R]
    • Crab Apples (whiskey_tornado) [R]
    • Disco Divas (balwen2013) [R]
    • Moster Squad (PS-FLEA) [R]
  • Death and Destruction

    • Dream Wild (triperis) [N]
    • Squeaky Sneakers (Cyaegha87) [N]
    • The Camelot Clan (Josaih_Frost) [R]
    • Cookie Munchers (Steelrain) [N]
  • Total Nuffle Alliance

    • Tekkenslovakia (Chazdavidson) [N]
    • Septic Whirlwind Holocaust (ScramLyche) [N]
    • Witch’s Coven (Gerdleah) [R]
    • United Nations (DaltMc) [R]

– [V] denotes a Veteran Coach.
– [R] denotes a Returning Coach.
– [N] denotes a New Coach.

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