Season 5 Week 3 Death Report

Here is the list of s that died in Week 3.

Blood Bowl 2_20161009170142

Blood Bowl 2_20161009170215

Blood Bowl 2_20161009170453

Blood Bowl 2_20161009170737

Blood Bowl 2_20161009171027

Blood Bowl 2_20161009171321

Blood Bowl 2_20161009171505

Blood Bowl 2_20161009171548

Blood Bowl 2_20161009171929

Blood Bowl 2_20161009172238

Blood Bowl 2_20161009172613

My condolences go out to all coaches who have lost players this week in the , Challenge, and . We play a violent game and this is the price we all play for the opportunity to taste sweet  and achieve fame and glory in the .

As always, I’ve got a shot for ya,


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