Season 6 W2 Challenge League Records

To all you MML/BloodBowl fans out there!!

Season 6 of the Challenge League is now well under way. This is the first time in MML History that the Challenge League has been able to field a full 32 teams without having to fill in numbers from the PRO coaches.

With the influx of new coaches and the ever growing popularity of the MML, records will now be published for the challenge league to recognise the achievements of the teams and players who are participating.

Below are both the individual player awards and the overall team records of the challenge league which will be updated as the season progresses.

Congratulations to all the coaches/players who now hold records.


I would also like to give a big shout out to coach Fnords for making the graphics.




  1. Nice job, Dion and Fnords! Are the team records samtarting with S6, ir are they the records all the way back to Challenge League’s inception in S3? Also, I recommend getting rid of most passes. They always = most receptions, so they end up being redundant.

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