Season 7 – Prediction Game

Good evening, coaches!

A few weeks back I had the idea of making a betting pool for our true MML experts out there and now, that the playpools are finalized, here it is. Sorry for not coming up with anything fancy but this should be easy to accress for everybody:
Just download this spreadsheet and fill out everything that’s RED. Make sure to use correct team and player names (teams are provided in the spreadsheet, player names require some additional research). Make sure to fill out the BONUS QUESTIONS at the bottom aswell.
Once you have filled out everything (name, playoff- and relegation-seats/top scorer/most cas for each playpool, bonus questions) send the spreadsheet to me via email (
Bragging rights are up for grabs. If enough people decide to participate in this, I will throw in a pns gift-certificate to make this a bit more exciting. Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with this.



  1. TDs (total) and Deaths (total) af course means for PROs, Pre-Season and Playoffs (Bowl games excluded). Just to make sure everybody gets it right.

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