Season Review

The coach summoned the new team. An invitation to their first league had floated down to the sewer basin in a bottle. The noble Bretonnians were to be the Surfers first opponents, then Nurgles rotten players (at least the rats would be used to the smell), Ogres and finally Vampires. Like the water they swam in, the rats were green. With no experience against a true Blood Bowl team the coach had to do his best to temper his team’s excitement, he knew this would not be as easy as his team were thinking.

The journey to the stadium began, the cocky rodents began with noise and verve in the sewer but the further from home they travelled the quieter they became. After a decade, the rats had almost forgotten the torment that had brought them together, but the beast had not. The noise of the rats had woken him again, red eyes burning once again with anger. He stalked his prey as they traversed the tunnels.

As the rats grew quieter they became uneasy, sure they could hear other feet splashing in the water around them. Noses and ears twitching, hunting to pin point the location of the stalking beast, they turned the corner and it pounced with an ear splitting roar. The surfers scattered, running in all directions with squeals echoing down the tunnels.

By the time they regrouped they were way off course and when they lifted the manhole they had arrived at the wrong stadium. How could they miss their first game. Quickly the coach sniffed out the correct tunnel and they made their way to game, the Bretonnians waiting patiently on the pitch. Who were these men of iron and steel, hopefully their armour would slow them enough thought the coach.

The beast had caused such a panic one rat couldn’t cope, his heart racing so hard and his mind preoccupied he missed the heavy block from the human. The shock stopped his heart, barely minutes into their first game and they had lost a team member. Disaster.

The match against the Nurgle team ended with only a small loss, no beast stalked them in the under hive but the rotten, tentacle ridden plague monster kept the rats from using their speed and agility.

More bad luck against the Ogres, their fans clearly disliking the rats as a rock was thrown at the beginning of the game, knocking out a lineman before the ball had hit the ground. The rats first league touchdown scored in a 1-1 draw as a slippery Gnoblar sealed a last turn touchdown that even the rats hired magician couldn’t stop.. The oversized Ogres killing another rat with its huge fists.

The Vampires experience that comes from being alive for millennia showed as they taught the rats a hard lesson in Blood Bowl with a crushing 3-0 defeat. Their power knocking out 6 rats, their skills negating most of the rats speed and 2 perfect interceptions sealing the game. No dead rats was the only thing the coach could smile about.

If they survive for another league they need to improve, and fast!

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