Second Round of Voting for the Season 11 Entrant to the MML Hall of Fame!

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Thank you to all coaches who took the time to vote in the first round of the election for the season 11 entrant to the MML Hall of Fame! The votes are in and after a very close round of voting we have two candidates who have emerged from the first round to be put forward for the second round of voting! One will emerge to be crowned as our season 11 Hall of Famer; here in the MML!

The two candidates are Thunden and ReznorRulesYou! Both have contributed massively to this great community that we all love and either would be a worthy winner! It is up to you, the coaches of the MML, to make this decision! Voting is open now and will close on the 2nd April 2018! To vote, simply make your selection below! Good luck to both of our great candidates!


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