Shadow Rabbits

Big seas carry me East.
The boat landed ashore.
Goblins still will be looking.
Chains can bind me no more.

Yates Yobz game came first.
Strong Black Orcs is what they are.
Gobbo was way to shifty.
One point we get so far.

Gerd has hurt our Captain.
On witches we need revenge.
Walk out with three points this time.
One loner dead in the end.

Undead next on the list.
Freak mummy still slow as snail.
Ghouls quick and dodge too much.
Claws want regen to fail.

Champions of Valhalla will be missed.
Fun, exciting, inventive …they even had Snow.
The season of the rabbit now has purpose.
It shall be a salute to our friend Shadow.


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