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Coach Thunden turned from the Cabalvision cameras after delivering an emotional eulogy about the former Widowmakers player… Green Day, who succumbed to terrible injuries suffered on the pitch. He turned with a smile.

Now to the uninformed reader, that could have been the smile of a coach remembering good times with a player too soon gone, a smile of satisfaction to have snatched a draw from a hard fought foe… However… for those of us in the know. That was the smile of an evil bar steward who had managed to rid his team of a dissenting voice.

One has only to look at Thundens previous teams to see the fates of those who have argued with the boss. At the Titans, Stinky Charlie was put on the pitch versus the Gottleib Gladiators and was brutally exposed, injured and sacked from the team. Big Mo, yes we all know the arch perpetrator of his murder was Coach More_Shots… but Thundens guilt long implied by the team, now forgiven, was never proved.

This is a coach who deprived feted coach Hez of a playoff spot with political voting in Season 2! The very same coach who arranged a training camp with the dwarves of Merthyr and then threw them under the bus blaming them for giving away team plays and secrets as soon as the next game was lost.

Coach Thunden would have you believe that he is an innocent party in all of this… merely trying to keep things ticking over in his quest to get teams to prove they can play in a different and fun style as opposed to their baser, more traditional urges.

He would have you believe that he sets an example, that he is beyond reproach.

This column would have you believe otherwise.

Coach Thundens back catalogue of misdemeanours grows from season to season… It’s time to have him revealed for the machiavellian operator that he really is. This is a coach who brooks no dissent. A single minded being who has no real compassion for the players in his charge much as he would have you believe different. Someone who tries to fly under the radar…

The question all of us have to answer is … why? What’s he got to hide?!?! He’s brought in another rotter now, Def Leper – you can be sure this guy will be more amenable that Green Day who stood up for what he believed in, and wanted to play his natural game.

This column asks you to mobilise… to ask the questions that need asking… what’s he up to? He’s long had the ear of the Commissioner, he’s conned and schemed his way onto the board in every season, but what do we really know about him!!?!

Now’s the time, he needs to be outed before the contempt he holds his own players and yes… even the league in becomes dangerous for all!!!!


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