On the walls we’re team rosters, pictures of top MML players. In the middle of the room was a long table with 6 crystal balls on it. At the head of the table was coach Stompa. Get in ere Beerz da other gits will be ere soon. Beerz looked at the big Orc coach and slowly approached a seat.

After a few minutes had passed the door opened and in walked couch Chase the great Khemri coach. Stompa said the same to him as he did to Beerz. Chase had a seat as the door opened again. In walked coach Mercy Flush fallowed by coach proudstarr and coach Berzo. Everyone sat down at a chair and looked around with the same confused face. So many different races. Chaos, chaos dwarf, orcs, khemri and lizard.

Stompa stood up and and started to talk. Right boyz, dis is da plan. We is all gonna work as one big mob. Orcs r the biggest and baddest of all, but we not got the boyz to do dis on our own. Dats where you come in. If we all work togeva we can cause Mayhem and Madness in dis League. We can be da big bosses of da MML. We can all help each ova out when we be needing help. Look in dem shiny balls. Dem gonna help us help each ova. Dem is real clever.

Wot do you boyz say? Do you think ya can be big and bad like us Orcs? Dere aint no room ‘ere for wimpy oomies. We gotta be strong. We gotta be bad. We gonna be da baddest gitz in the MML ! Wot do you boyz say?

With Flecks of jade warp lightning crackled around the claws of the infamous Grey Seer Mercy Flush as he casually rested his fists on the table. What,who at you to summon,order the great Mercy Flush to this meet,place?!! The sparks faded and a glint of intreague entered the coaches eyes.. So… quite a gathering you have here,now yes,no green thing? hmm? A deal,proposition you have for us now,here i suspect yes,yes!” Well then Orc scum? Speak now! or suffer,fear the wrath,hate of Mercy Flush!!

Coach Stompa looked at Mercy Flush and started to laugh. HAHAHA get back in your chair ‘dere Rat man, when we be runnin’ dis league, you can ‘ave all dem green shiney fings, us Orcs got no use for dem. Work wiv us and we iz gonna get all da warpstone you will eva be needing. Coach Mercy Flush sat back in his chair with a big smile upon his face.

Coach Chase sat staring at Stompa and the others. He gazed up at Stompa as if he was driving his boot into a downed player. Why should I not walk out of here immediately? Coach Chase asked with a firm voice. Stompa looked at coach Chase and smiled. Ave you not been listening ‘ere or you got ya ‘ead in da sand again? We can rule dis league togeva. Dont you wanna be da biggest and da baddest like us Orcs? We can ‘ave it all. Chase sat back in his chair seeing that this could be a good thing for him and his team. He sat watching everyone as he could place a roll for each of them on his up rise of Khemri.

The 1/2 Orc blooded coach Proudstarr stood from his chair. His hair stark black on one side, green on the other, tied back in a long braid, his eyes like black bottomless pits. Looks you wanna sit der and talk down to all of us yet you want our help. Now Mercy and I go way back to another League and i go where the money goes. You want us to work wit you den you need to treat each of us as equals. Now im not gonna say i like all da teams represented here, but I see da value of workin together…So you in or you gonna keep trash talkin all of us?

Stompa looked at this half blood Orc with a stare of anger. Me is gonna squash your little ‘ead, shouted coach Stompa’s loyal black Orc. Stompa restrained his Black Orc from harming the bold Orc. Hmmmmm as the big Orc coach paused for a second. Me be liking you boy, you iz a brave one, i like dat. He said, with a new level of respect for the Orc standing up to his bully boy antics. I don’t know where you iz comin’ from, but i do know iz you wanna be da biggest and baddest of dem gits? So, i say, join us, and when you going back as a champ den you be da biggest and baddest, said the Orc coach. Proudstarr sat back down and nodded at Stompa as if seeing the big plan.

Coach Berzo rose from his chair, looked over the others and turned to Stompa. Well Stompa, what do you require from my Dino Rock team. We wanna wreck havoc in the leagues and we want blood. Who you want killing and when?? We got ya back, in fact we got everyone’s back. Let’s tear things up. Everyone looked a Berzo. The silent lizard coach shocked them all. Tear things up, chose havoc, put fear in all. Seemed things were going right in the eyes of Berzo.

Stompa turned to Berzo, looked him up and down. Well lizard, my boyz been wotchin’ you for long time, and dey like da way you iz beatin’ on dem oomies replied Stompa. So my boyz telling me dat your lizards be makin’ a good ally in my big plan. And if we wanna be runnin’ dis show den we need people like you on our side said Stompa to the anxious Lizardman coach.

Beerz listened to what stompa said. As he listened to the words of this dirty Orc he thought was this a way to help make the misfits great. He took a deep breath and put his little crippled arm on the table, he mustered enough to speak. Sir stompa what will all you do to help the Misfits crate havoc upon the pros?

Stompa looked a the gimpy beastmen and laughed. Avoc? You want ‘avoc? Hahaha den you iz in the rite place. Me and my ‘ere Buccaneers ‘ave been causing havoc upon leagues all across the old world. We been in all dem leagues causing ‘avoc, dats wot us Orcs do best. And doing it the Pro’s of da MML is gonna be da biggest score of all. Beerz sat down payed back in his chair a snarled at the thought of what this could do for him and the Misfits.

And so the other 5 coaches left the room. As they looked back they saw a very evil look on Stompa’s face. Dis is gonna be da start of sumfing good i iz finkin’. Stompa said to his trusty Black Orc with a nod of enthusiasm in return

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