Sinister 7 The New Robin Hood And His Merry Men

The fallout after the Plague Ridden Cowboys man handled the New Orcland Grunts doesnt seem to be stopping anytime soon. People was wondering what is the Sinisters 7 goal, well they came out and told the MML world. Its quite simple we are here to put an end to the Corrupt Commissioner and his elitist chum buddies.
We will fight for the people against this tyrant and his cronies for to long they have gone unchecked to do whatever they want when they want. And after the defeat what do we hear they claim we are a bunch of terrorists, what a horrid thing to say disrespecting all those innocent lives lost to the evil that is, and can they prove these utter bad taste accusations? Of course they cannot its all hot air, another poor and disgraceful attempt to mind wash the coaches into towing the line by the corrupt Commissioner.

Preach is the Sheriff Of Nottingham of today and the Sinister 7 have become the Robin Hood and the Merrymen of this time, and they will fight for justice equality and freedom of speech for all coaches in the MML. The Eyepet movement produced a hammer blow to the Establishment who tried to ban it but was overwhelmed by the power of the people.

We call out to everyone who believes in freedom of speech and blood bowl values to stand up to the corrupt commissioner, and not be fooled by the utter web of lies he and his Establishment are spinning.

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