Sinister Group Charged With Terrorism Over Murder of Black Orc

Authorities in New Orcland have charged a terrorist group from the fringes of the MML with terrorism over the murder of a black orc this week.

Officials say members of a group calling themselves the “Sinister 7” sent one of their members to New Orcland specifically to kill a Black Orc.

It was a plan he carried out on Wednesday, by Mr. Buffon when he blocked Uncle Jessie in turn 5 causing an injury that resulted in an Apothecary on the payroll of the terrorist group to further injure and ultimately kill the Black Orc.

Just Score reports that Uncle Jessie was remembered “as a gentle orc, always full of wisdom and grace.”

The charge was issued to the MML League office as the result of a social media post by the Sinister organization claiming pre-mediation. New Orcland Defense attorney Roborc Shapirorc initially reviewed Stompa’s social media account last week. After contacting the League office, after discovering disturbing messages alluding to terrorist threats and conversations.

“Mr. Buffon and the entity known as ‘Stompa’ are currently charged with premeditated murder, collusion, conspiracy, terroristic threats, slander, and extortion,” commented Mr. Shapirorc. “The City of New Orcland will no longer entertain these terrorists, nor will we continue to commerce with those that do.”

In a further statement, Mr. Shapirorc noted that there are “five other members of this organization that publicly associate. Injunctions with the League office as well as a subpoena of all social media and League records has been filed with the League office and the district court of New Orcland.”

The murder of Uncle Jessie was meant to be a “practice run” for a larger plot, those close to the investigation said.

On social media the group was seen boasting of it’s supremacy:

Mr. Shapirorc, the New Orcland Grunts defense attorney bringing the terror and hate crime charges, says that the groups object was to “launch a campaign of terrorism” against New Orcland and its values, and ultimately the League itself.

“The Sinister 7 wanted to kill a Black Orc, planned to kill a Black Orc, and then did kill a Black Orc.” said Mr. Shapirorc.

He continued, “We plan to seek the maximum penalty: removal of all members of the terrorist group known as the Sinister 7 from the League, removal of all prior accolades, rewards and recognition, and a permanent ban from all current and future League activities.”

The head coach of the New Orcland Grunts, Preach, who coached Uncle Jessie for many seasons declined to comment. While members of the terrorist group could not be reached for comment, their presence is still widely felt throughout social media.





  1. The New Orcland Grunts are a cornerstone of the MML. Uncle Jessies wisdom will be sorely missed by all. Sinister 7 are a menace to be crushed under Kroxigor foot. InGen recommends all coaches caught up in this return to core values of the MML.

  2. Wow… Sinister indeed… If it was indeed pre-meditated then that is shameful… If Unlce Jessie died in the line of duty, then that is the risk all players take. He will be missed, I am sure.

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