Skill Ups From Week 1

Princes of arioch Skill ups Sadric. Pass, safe throw, block dodge, and accurate. Valharik. Kick.

Reptile Dysfunction Skill ups Oatltatl. Block dodge. Quetcuaqsor. Stunty, dodge, sprint, and diving tackle.

Norse Leap Till Brooklyn Skill ups MCAttack. Pile on, mighty blow, and strength 4.

Thee Grandiose Gladiators Skill ups Niphenien Aladanae. Pass, safe throw, leader, movement 7, strength 4, nerves of steel.

Greendale Human Skill ups Beings Allon Sterling. Block and guard.

Solus Savers Skill ups Arachinis Lord of spiders. Loner, wild animal, frenzy, disturbing presence, claw/claws, and block. Kelvin. mighty blow, block, pile on, and tackle.

Yate Yobz 2.3 Skill ups Badruk. Eat Skulls. Armor value 10, might blow, strength 5, and block. Idlerot. Loner, really stupid, throw team mate mighty blow, regeneration, juggernaut, armor value 10.

Witch’s Coven Skill ups Vixen. Dodge, jump up, frenzy, and block.

Thugz of Weldrake Skill ups Sloukly Mantle. Extra arms, block, and two heads.

Praag No.5 Team Skill ups Edard. Might blow, strength 4, grab, and tackle.

Mether Shock’nOre Skill ups Dafydd Newdwarf. Mighty blow, frenzy, and guard.

Green Tide Titans Skill ups Ripper Wahrd. Guard, mighty blow, dauntless, and tackle.

White Owlz skill ups Sonryrd. Dodge, catch, sprint, wrestle, diving tackle, and movement 9.

If i missed any let me know in the comments and i will put them in the next one.


  1. Just to be clear, the fact that you did this at all is awesome. But since you spent the time to do it, I’m just offering suggestions to make sure you communicate them in the best way possible. Something as simple as bolding your headings and increasing their font goes a long way. Also, putting the info into Excel then cutting and pasting the spreadsheet into a post is an easy way to make a table. Also, a short explanation of what you’re listing might help. I know some of these players you listed didn’t pick up several skills in 1 week, but you have several skills listed for 1 player. Finally, Fnords will help you take your visual presentation to the next level, so seek his advice; he’s offered to help.

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