Skuttle Butts fined! But back in Pro

With the return of Coach Spawn to the Skuttle Butts. It seems the Board had aproved their Pro status once more. It didn’t come without some punitive action for their sudden disappearance a few seasons ago. They have lost some training and practice time. They also were fined and had to forfeit their two new rookies. One was an up and coming Gutter Runner named Lurkin’. In tryouts he was scorching the competition. Everyone was looking forward to seeing him on the field this season. They also lost Squeaky McSquekerton, a rookie linerat who was hoping to provide a better nesting area for his family.

Spawn, as was expected, wasn’t happy about these fines. In fact, one could say he was down right infuriated. He learned of these sanctions during a work out.

Unfortunately the MML representative that informed him of the ruling of the board, went mysteriously  missing. Coach Spawn had no comment when investigators questioned him.

Here from Skuttle Butts camp, Chuck E. Cheese is signing offtoolbox. See you all on the pitch for an exciting season. The top story this year…can the Skuttle Butts get back on top.


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