Skuttle Butts KO the ravens

Week 4 had its share of editing games. This week we covered the Butts vs Ravens. In a league that is trying to eradicate the rat infestation, the Ravens failed at this. It was clear early on that it was not the Ravens night. The Skuttle Storm Vermin and Rat Ogre proved too much. Inflicting multiple KO’s and injuries the Ravens were at a severe number disadvantage throughout the game.

It was not without loss for the Skuttle Butts. Their Rat Ogre was hit hard and had his Bell rung. But the apothecary was able to get him healed up and back on the pitch to wreak more havoc before the end of the game. Also, with just seconds left to play it seemed the Ravens were at least going to score a touchdown. Instead, they went for blood catching the Skuttle Butts All-Star Linerat off guard and ending his life were he fell.

After the 3-0 victory we spoke with Spawn, the Skuttles head coach. He stated that he was proud of the tenacity his team showed. But was disappointed with his team not playing through the final whistle.

Next week brings the 4-0 Hawks vs. The 4-0 Skuttle Butts in what will be the game of the week for sure.