Skuttle Butts Vs. Hawks interview with coach Spawn

Here at Cheese and Whiskers magazine we got an exclusive interview with Spawn Of Cthulu head coach of the Skuttle Butts.

Interviewer: So Spawn, with just 1 game left and a playoff on the line what’s your strategy for this week against the Hawks?

SOC: Well, the same as always really. Smash our opponents with tooth, claw, and tail. We tied the Hawks a couple weeks ago and my ratmen are foaming at the mouth to get some more swipes at these tree huggers.

Interviewer: Only needing a tie to advance will you play a safer game to clinch that playoff spot?

SOC: You are joking right? We don’t play this game to tie. This is Blood Bowl. Our goal every week is to win and to kill and not be killed. We show no mercy!  Last year we set our selves up for a good chance at playoffs only to be derailed by some dirty Orc team.

Interviewer: We have never heard your thoughts on C.A.T.S.

SOC: I don’t have much to say. They have been pretty silent of late. We will see what happens when The Skuttles win the championship

Interviewer: So you are predicting your team to win?

SOC: After we grind these wood elves to saw dust, we hope to get a chance to welcome these”blitzkriegers” the way they should have been welcomed in the first place. With pain!

Interviewer: Well good luck this week and may Nuffle bless you.

SOC: Thank you and PRAISE TO NUFFLE!