Skuttles Butt out the competition

Well Folks, it’s official! The Skuttles are the F4 division champions! What an amazing performance by the team. Coming in as the underdog they quickly showed why they were in it(with the help of a rock). The wood elves couldn’t stay and on the field. They were out bashed and the tree couldn’t get out of the middle of the field. The Hawks kicked and the Skuttles took it down for a late first half score. The Hawks catcher slip just before the end zone as time expired in the half.

The second half was all down hill for the Hawks it started with an early turnover. Then the injuries started piling up. The Skuttles could have stalled out the half but they wanted one more score. Up 2-0 with time running down Cheese Grater the Roger sprinted down field with his claw in the air. In the clear one of the Gutter Runners, we believe Side Winder, Selflessly threw him the ball. Unbelievably Cheese Grater held on and The Skuttle Butts won 3-0.