Skuttles run past Grunts

Once again the Skuttle Butts showed that The Grunts and Coach Preach cannot handle the quickness of the skaven. In a 5-0 blow out victory the Skuttle Butts set the rushing record. Early on the orcs were afraid to cage up, like the cowardly orcs normally do, because the skaven wizard was on the sideline. This left them vulnerable for the quick and agile Gutter Runners to have their way.

When asked about the victory Skuttles coach Spawn said ” We knew we had this one from the start when the crowd got involved early.”

On the rookie Black Orc Testorclese “We welcomed him properly by continually bashing him to the ground till he submitted to the punishment.”

The locker room was hectic and crazy as you could imagine. Only disappointment was we didn’t put up 6.