Skuttles Start Strong

After a statement 3-1 victory the Skuttle Butts show there Bowl game win was no fluke. Taking on a newly formed chaos team is never an easy task. Things looked rough when the chaos team was showing elf like abilities dodging and passing all over. The Skuttle Butts scored early and late in the first half. Going into the half up 2-1 with the chaos team receiving was looking like a possible draw. But an errant pass in the second half gave everyone’s favorite rats the ball. After scoring their 3rd touchdown, they had a chance at a fourth but after injuring a beast and a warrior they were out to keep up the punishment. Unfortunately an errant block knocked rat and beast down and stopping the 4th score from happening.

After the game we caught up with the coach. He wasn’t up for much of an interview but he did say there is only one thing on their minds. And that is to win the whole F***ing thing.