Slaan Seers Emerge

The Eye of Thundera Ho!, (the Ho!, being a very imporant aspect of the strangely gifted name, apparently,) chirped, clicked and cheeped to the other members of the Slaan Seers team as they stood aroud the newly installed crystal clear, HD, cabalvision crytal ball that had been carried into the centre of the Seers ground, by the Kroxigor, Kroxlantha.
They all stood around it, gazing in wonder, as ‘Thundera, Ho!’ (never forget the Ho,) flicked his tongue atΒ  it, to drive it into action, whilst also nonchalantly swiping an unsuspecting fly from it’s surface and guzzling it down.
The strange eye appeared to them from the centre of the ball and the eye had voice. It is unclear whether the voice was speaking from the ball or whether there was some form of telepathy involved; but all were understanding of it’s intent.
“So my Seers, you have done quite well, after all! You have made the Challenge League play offs! I hadn’t quite imagined you would do it, especially since you entirely deviated from my plan at every given point.” As the eye had voice and spoke the Seers continued to gaze in wonder. They knew the voice and the eye only as ‘Frost,’ the coach that had led them thus far into the Farm and then the Challenge League of the MML. He kept going on and on about some ‘plan’ but none of them really knew what in all the worlds and all the hells he was talking about.
The Frost-voice emanating from the Eye continued, “I am however disappointed! You let the Overseer die at the hands of some, admittedly rather vicious dorfs, I mean dwarves, and their accursed coach, More_Shots!”
Thundera Ho issued forth some objecting chitters about winning that particular match, before the eye seemed to stare even more intently at him, causing a strange tingling down his spine, which owed nothing to the climate and he fell silent.
“I don’t care that you won that match! I had to lie to More_Shots and claim that I did not care about the death of the Overseer! I had to tell him that it was, ‘a purely ceremonial title!’ But we all know that is not the case and that it was an important part of the plan!” – Again with the plan. The Seers had no idea at all what Frost was talking about, but all nodded in agreement, nontheless. Frost continued, “And…. What is with all the ridiculous Lizard names! I told you to change them! I gave you the list! Now, now you Tyrazoalt and Tlaxitzashix, or whatever ridiculous name you want to call yourselves with all your newfound skills are nothing but transfer fodder in my eyes! And as we all know eyes are very important!” The two named skinks seemed to recede from the eye looking ashamed, whilst if anything Eye of the Tiger and Thundera Ho, veritably preened themselves at Frost’s words. Uldaxl, the remaining skink chirruped something about the Overseer not having filled in the requisite paperwork, seeming only to focus on his own name and how he realised he, himself, was supposed to be called ‘The Eye of the Storm.’ “No matter,” Frost continued, “Just do something in the fricking playoffs will you?”
Eye of Thundera Ho, chirped something about not quite knowing what that meant before the eye looked even more balefully at him. “Don’t get accustomed to thinking you are the new Overseer, Eye of Thundera Ho! – And yes the Ho remains vitally important to ‘the plan! The plan will also involve a new Overseer!'” The Seers nodded in agreement before the Eye flickered away, momentarily leaving the image of a bearded, middle aged, balding man sitting on a couch eating a chocolate bar. None of them knew what the plan was, but if Frost said it was part of the plan, it must be. Eye of Thundera looked a little crestfallen but quickly remedied that by flicking his tongue out and swallowing a catepillar whole. He chirped and cheeped to the Kroxigor to remove the crystal ball whilst still working out what ‘do something in the fricking playoffs’ actually meant….


  1. Wow I had no idea whose article this was at first, great job frost! Keep churning them out and good luck in the playoffs…unless you play me of course πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks guys! It was only yesterday I realised how stories etc appeared on the website. πŸ˜‰ Lol. Once I realised I couldn’t resist. πŸ˜‰

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